Pinoy First Review: Exchange Rates, Transfer Fees & Alternatives

Pinoy First is an Australia-based money transfer operator that helps Filipinos in Australia send money home to friends and family. Transfers can be delivered to recipients’ bank accounts, cash pickup locations or even right to their doorstep: this broad range of pay-out options has helped Pinoy First forge a name as a popular Australian online money transfer service.

This review looks at sending money with Pinoy First and the exchange rates, fees, speed and trust factors to consider before using this service.

Pinoy First offers low fees and competitive exchange rates for its customers. Here is a quick breakdown of what to expect in terms of both exchange rates and fees when using Pinoy First.

Exchange rates

The provider charges a margin of 2.63% above the mid-market rate for the Australian dollar to Philippine Peso currency exchange. This is the only currency conversion you can do using Pinoy First.


Transferring funds to the Philippines will cost you AU$6 per transfer. Again, this is the only route available.

Additional costs

The recipient may be charged landing fees by their bank when receiving funds. Pinoy First is not in control of these fees, so be sure to check with the relevant bank before making a transfer.

Pinoy First pros and cons

Customers enjoy lots of advantages when moving money using Pinoy First’s platform. Here is a summary of the pros and cons to consider.


A variety of payout options: Beneficiaries can receive funds into their bank accounts, at cash pickup locations, or home delivery.
Low fees: Pinoy First’s fees and exchange rates are reasonable, and if you’re sending larger amounts then the AU$6 fee becomes negligible.
Faster delivery times: Cash pick up transfers are delivered within 2-3 hours while most bank transfers are delivered the same day.
Lock in rates: You can lock in an exchange rate and transfer later.


Limited coverage: The service is only available to customers on the Australia-Philippines remittance route.
No mobile app: All transfers are processed through the platform. There is no mobile application available.
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What kind of payments can I make with Pinoy First?

How you fund and payout your transfer is important. Here is a summary of the options available with Pinoy First.

Payment methods available

Customers pay for their transfers through online banking to the designated Pinoy First account. Bank transfer is the only way to fund transfers through Pinoy First.

Withdrawal options available

Beneficiaries can receive funds directly into their bank accounts, arrange the money to be collected from various cash pickup locations, or even have cash delivered at their doorstep.

Does Pinoy First have a mobile app?

No. Pinoy First has no app, all transfers are made using the web-based platform.

How fast are Pinoy First’s transfer speeds?

Transfers to cash pickup locations are delivered within 2-3 hours while bank deposits are delivered the same day or within the next business day. Home deliveries can take up to 3 days depending on the recipient’s location.

Are there maximum and minimum transfer amounts?

The minimum you can send is AU$10 while the maximum is AU$5,000. In case you want to transfer an amount exceeding AU$5,000.00, you will have to make a special request and provide additional documents for approval.

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Can I trust Pinoy First?

When looking for a money transfer provider, you need to prioritise trust. Here is a brief look at how Pinoy First scores in this regard.

History and regulation

Pinoy First Pty Ltd is an Australian private company established in December 2012 and headquartered in North Cairns, Queensland 4870. The company registration number is ABN 58161586116.

It is registered and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and reports to the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC).


The company’s website is SSL encrypted, ensuring that your payment details remain secure when paying for transfers.

Can I cancel my transfer?

Yes, as long as it hasn’t been processed and collected yet. Customers wishing to revoke their transactions should inform Pinoy First’s customer support to get help with transfer cancellations. Where an irreversible transfer of funds has been made to the recipient, such a transaction cannot be cancelled.

Top destinations

Pinoy First only allows for one-way remittances from Australia to the Philippines.

Customer support

If you have any query, you can reach out to Pinoy First’s customer support team, which is available through the following channels.

  • Telephone: You can call the support team on 07 3063 4777 anytime from 9am – 5pm

  • Live chat: You can also connect with customer support on live chat during office hours

  • Email: Customers can email the team at for more help


Pinoy First is a dedicated Australia-Philippines money transfer service. With low fees and bank-beating exchange rates, the service helps Filipinos to send money home inexpensively. The guaranteed lock-in rates mechanism can also be used by customers who want to make a future payment and know exactly how much it will cost.

However, much like any other money transfer service, Pinoy First has alternatives who may have better offerings. It is therefore important to do cross-comparisons to get the best deal in speed, rates, and fees.

Luckily, our money transfer comparison tool can help you quickly run through the alternatives available. Pinoy First, as a specialist transfer service for remittance payments from Australia to the Philippines, often ranks highly for this transfer route. But you can’t be sure you’re getting the best deal until you have compared all your options.

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