BoxyPay Money Transfer Review

BoxyPay caters to users sending money within a specific transfer corridor: the United States to Nigeria. In this company review we will evaluate the core functions and limitations of BoxyPay, comparing this mobile payments platform to other specialist providers in the money transfer arena.

About BoxyPay

BoxyPay is an international money transfer service that allows you to send money in 3 easy steps using a PC, tablet or smartphone. The concept focuses on using your devices’ contact list to send money to recipients you know and trust, removing the need to enter their bank account details each time. This unique approach to mobile money transfers is one of BoxyPay’s key strengths. However, one of the company's weaknesses is the current limitations of the platform. At the time of writing (Oct 2021) only residents based in Georgia, in the United States, can use the platform to send money to Nigeria.

Given the limited transfer corridors supported by Boxypay, this review will examine if the company is a viable choice for our users, providing alternative operators along the way.

BoxyPay Exchange Rates, Fees & Costs

It is important to learn about any exchange rate mark-ups and transfer fees as we evaluate the international money transfer services offered by BoxyPay. We will run through these factors with a fine tooth comb in the next section.

Transfer fees: the transfer fee at BoxyPay is $7.99 no matter the amount you send. This is less significant to those transferring large transfers, but it is a high fee for customers sending smaller transactions.

Exchange rate: the BoxyPay conversion rates are competitive when compared to competitors, with a minute markup of 0.25% added to the majority of transactions arranged through this service.

For most foreign currencies, BoxyPay transfers incur a markup of 0.25% above the mid-market rate. This great rate offers a more competitive option than traditional bank transfers, most of which incur a 4 - 6% profit margin for transfers that require foreign currency conversion.

Other fees: there are no additional fees that you have to worry about when using BoxyPay.

Top destinations for sending money with BoxyPay

The BoxPay website claims to facilitate transfers to all four corners of the globe, but as it stands, the only sending destination is Nigeria. This is misleading and customers should be aware of this coverage limitation before creating an account. If you do not need to send money to Nigeria, BoxyPay will not be of use to you at present, but the company has plans to expand into other markets.

Pros & Cons of using BoxyPay

It is a good idea to take a look at the pros and cons of using BoxyPay before registering for an account. Here is a list of the leading strengths and weaknesses you need to know about before sending or receiving money with this operator.


Easy process: Sending money with BoxyPay is as easy as 1 2 3, once you have opened an account: the remittance process is very user friendly no matter the customer
Mobile app: The Boxypay mobile app is fully functional with a well-designed user interface
Referral program: Customers can make a profit by referring their friends and family to the service, earning money every time a transfer is made using their code
Flexible payment options: There is a variety of accepted payment methods which include bank account, debit card or merchant voucher


Nigeria transfers only: The only sending destination covered by BoxyPay is Nigeria, making this operator’s global network coverage very limited
Steep transfer fees: The combination of BoxyPay’s fixed flat-fee of $7.99 means money is lost on fees during each transfer. This can be avoided when using fee-free services like Key Currency and Wise
Lack of transparency: The BoxyPay website suggests customers can send money worldwide, but in practice only one destination is currently available
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What type of transfers can you make with BoxyPay?

BoxyPay provides 2 transfer types and these are as follows

  1. Cash pickup: this method involves the sender making the payment and the recipient visiting a physical location to collect the cash. The advantage of this transfer type is speed: the recipient can pick up the money immediately, once the transfer has been executed. This is also a good choice when sending money to someone who does not have a bank account.

  2. Direct deposit: Customers can send a wire transfer by way of a direct deposit; this takes around 1 - 5 business days to arrive with the recipient, which is much slower than the cash pickup option.

How long will it take to receive money using BoxyPay?

If speed is an issue, you might be interested in the transfer speed. As listed in the previous section, BoxyPay offers two transfer methods and the delivery window for each differs greatly. For cash pickups the funds will be instantly available for the recipient to collect from the physical pick up location. The direct deposit transfer option can take 1 - 5 business days to arrive.

The first method is much faster than what traditional banks can offer, whereas the second option is the same speed since it uses a similar money transfer system.

What payment methods can I use when sending money with BoxyPay?

Before sending money with BoxyPay, you need to top up your account using one of the accepted payment methods: prepaid voucher from one of the participating merchant locations or debit card; the latter can also be used at merchant locations.

What are the best reasons to use BoxyPay?

BoxyPay is a top choice if you want to send money to Nigeria because it is a service that specialises in that transfer corridor. Furthermore, this provider is a good choice if you want to send a mobile money transfer. Beyond their remittance service, BoxyPay also operates an established phone card service and has found a way to integrate that business with international money transfers.

Additionally, this company is a good choice for instant cash transfers: you can pay at a merchant location which means that no bank account is required for the transaction.

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Can I trust BoxyPay?

Before you take the plunge and use BoxyPay to send money, you need to consider if they are a trustworthy service. BoxyPay approaches money transfer in a responsible and trustworthy way, explaining common Nigerian scams users need to avoid when using their service.

BoxyPay makes use of 128 bit encryption on their website, ensuring information will be protected from hackers or fraudsters. In addition to this, two-factor authentication is mandatory, ensuring account access is secure. BoxyPay also uses bank grade security, passwords and pin systems to guarantee user data is protected.

The customer service at BoxyPay is widely accessible since there is an international number which offers support when help is required: this number is +1(470) 800-7361. The live chat feature is also reliable and can be found by clicking on the chat icon located on the right-hand side of the page.

What do users have to say about BoxyPay?

Check out the customer reviews before committing to using BoxyPay, or any money transfer service, to send money online. On Facebook, the company has a score of 4.5 stars out of 5: users appear to enjoy using the mobile app and believe they receive great value for money since the fee structure is easy to understand.

How to get started with BoxyPay to send & receive money?

Next we will take a look at the process of sending and receiving money with BoxyPay to discover if it suits your needs.

How to send money using BoxyPay

1.Step 1 Deposit money
2.Step 2 Choose the recipient
3.Step 3 Select amount

How to receive money using BoxyPay

  1. Cash pickup: the first option is cash pickup which will require a government-issued ID. You’ll also need to show the transfer number when you pick up the cash. The transaction recipient will contain this information.

  2. Direct deposit: provide your bank details and BoxyPay will deposit the funds to your account.

Does BoxyPay have a mobile app?

BoxyPay offers mobile service to those using iOS devices. The app has a rating of 3.6 which suggests there is room for improvement. Some of the problems noted by users include issues with account creation and accessing customer service. Other than these issues, the app appears to offer excellent functionality, with many useful features:

  • Fast delivery of funds especially when using the cash pickup option

  • The app offers great rates for international phone calls and mobile top up

  • The app employs two-factor authentication for a secure login process

The app has not had an update since Oct 22nd of 2019 which indicates mobile support is not a current priority.

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