Paymentearth International Money Transfers Review

Paymentearth was established 2016 and is available in the USA only.

About Paymentearth

Their offices are in San Diego and there is no minimum or upper transfer limit. Also, they are registered with FinCEN and NMLS licensed. They are known for good FX services for businesses too.

Can I use Paymentearth for international bank transfers?

Paymentearth allows you to send money in up to 45 currencies. However, there is limited information online about their bank transfer service and you cannot make credit card payments.

How long do transfers take with Paymentearth?

With ACH transfers you can expect them to clear payment on the same day. Wire transfers will take up to 2 business days and Swift transfers have same-day processing. You can enjoy instant transfer speeds when using money transfer services like Skrill and Wise. When sending to the members of the same payment processor, the recipient won’t have to wait long to receive the funds.

Are there transfer limits?

There is no transfer limit when sending money through Paymentearth.

Can I use a Paymentearth debit card when traveling abroad?

You will not have a Paymentearth debit card available for use when traveling to other countries. You’ll have to make use of alternative services that come with debit cards. For instance, you can use Payoneer and Skrill that offer good-quality debit cards for use at ATMs worldwide.

Paymentearth bank exchange rates and fees

Exchange rate: the exchange rate at Paymentearth is updated in real-time using the interbank rate. Also, you can preview the currency conversion using the tool on their website. Therefore, the competitive rate means that you won’t be losing much compared to 3rd party transfer services.

Transfer fees: if the average transfer amount for a transaction is around $5,000, then you will not have to pay transfer fees.

Additional costs: there is a $1 fee for wire transfers and the cost for SWIFT transfers is $8.

How do Paymentearth transfer fees compare to using a money transfer provider?

The fees at Paymentearth are low, which means that you will not save much more by using bank transfer services. However, you will save money when making very small transactions because there is no fixed price to pay.

Paymentearth pros and cons

Here is a list of Paymentearth pros and cons to consider:


Low fees: you won’t face big fees unless you’re sending small amounts of money.
Fixed margins: the service does not take a huge portion of the transfer from currency exchange rates.
Business customers: added functionality exists for business customers.
Currency: you can send money in 45 currencies.


No credit cards: you are not able to use credit cards to make payments.
Small transfers: because of the fees, Paymentearth is not ideal for small transfers.

Paymentearth bank additional products

  • FX services: manage international payments and place market orders.

  • Forecasting: use tools to track transactions and make future predictions.

  • Mobile app: the app is available on Google Play and Apple store to execute transactions.


Paymentearth is a solid solution for users that want to take advantage of a good bank transfer rate for currency conversions. Also, business customers are accommodated with a suite of tools. It’s also a fast service that clears transactions on the same day.

However, it’s only available to US customers. Other users will need to use alternative bank transfer services such as Western Union and MoneyGram. They are available in the majority of countries worldwide and charge low fees.

Other Money Transfer Providers

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