Orlandi Valuta International Money Transfers Review

Orlandi Valuta is an international money transfer service focusing on transfers from the US to Mexico. The company has 20 years of experience and has built up a network of agents at locations in several countries.

About Orlandi Valuta

Orlandi Valuta was bought by Western Union in 1997. The company transfers to US residents can be completed at one of over 50,000 Western Union locations in the US.

Most of Orlandi Valuta’s business comes from transfers from the US to Mexico. So, let’s start with a look at their exchange rates and fees.

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Orlandi Valuta Exchange rates and fees

Orlandi Valuta charges a mix of flat fees and exchange rate markups. Like most money transfer providers, you will get an exchange rate that is slightly below the mid-market rate.

Exchange rate

Unfortunately, Orlandi Valuta is a bit less transparent about its exchange rates than most money transfer services.

At the time of writing, the mid-market rate for USD to MEX (Mexican Peso) exchanges was USD 1 for MEX 19.82. With Orlandi Valuta, USD 1 would be exchanged for MEX 19.49. Orlandi Valuta’s exchange rate is 1.66% lower than the mid-market exchange rate. This is an average exchange rate margin for international money transfer services. It’s not a very high rate, but it would more than cover any currency conversion fees charged by banks.

Transfer fees

Orlandi Valuta charges a flat fee of $10 per transfer. This is a low rate for many kinds of money transfers. For the sender, it means two things:

  • For small transfers, you’re paying an extremely high price

  • For large transfers, you’re getting a great deal

If you just want to send regular small transfers of about $100 to $200, the flat $10 fee will become quite expensive. But for infrequent, large transfers, a $10 fee becomes far less significant. For example, a $10 fee for a $500 transfer (2%) is a good rate in the money transfer industry.

Additional costs

There shouldn’t be any additional costs for Orlandi Valuta money transfers.

How do Orlandi Valuta transfer fees compare to using a money transfer provider?

According to the World Bank’s remittance prices database, the average total cost of an Orlandi Valuta transfer is 4.12%. This is an average total cost in the money transfer industry. It’s comparable to many mainstream services.

Orlandi Valuta Pros and Cons


Abundant cash pickup locations in the US and Mexico. With 50,000 Western Union locations in the US, and 15,000 agent locations in Mexico, you can get money sent to many areas of these countries, and many more around the world.
With the direction of Western Union, Orlandi Valuta has a lot of experience in cash transfer speed, security, and general professionalism.


The lack of meaningful information on the Orlandi Valuta website makes it a complicated service to navigate. The site essentially just lists all the cash pickup locations in Mexico. However, their map tool built with Google Maps makes pinpointing the right location easier.
You can only set up money transfers in person. There are no online transfer options. You must call or go to the nearest location for sending or receiving money.

How to Send and Receive Money with Orlandi Valuta

This section is your resource for figuring out how to send and receive money with Orlandi Valuta. The information is great for first-time users of the money transfer services or those returning after a break. You will save time by checking out the information here.

Sending Money

1.Step 1 Choose a location
2.Step 2 Funding method
3.Step 3 Recipient details
4.Step 4 Transfer amount and currency

Receiving money

1.Step 1 Find a location
2.Step 2 Share information
3.Step 3 Receive transaction details
4.Step 4 Collect money

Top Destinations for Sending Money with Orlandi Valuta

This section covers the best locations for transferring funds with Orlandi Valuta. Therefore, you can figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the money transfer company. Money transfers with Orlandi Valuta are available anywhere in the world with a Western Union branch. This means recipients in over 200 countries can collect the funds from one of the 50,000 branches.

However, you cannot send digital transfers to any of these locations. To enjoy sending money via a computer, laptop or smartphone to a large global network, then consider specialist transfer providers like WorldRemit, Azimo, and Instarem.

The top 3 destinations for sending money with Orlandi Valuta are:

  1. Mexico

  2. United States

  3. India

Additional Information

Orlandi Valuta has a vast network of payers. Most of the pickup locations are found inside their partner businesses.

Try looking at the list of payers that host Orlandi Valuta. For example, the retail chain Elektra is a common pickup location. Knowing where you will send or pick up money will make your money transfer needs a convenient part of your regular routine.

Customer service details for users of Orlandi Valuta

OrlandiValutaCustomer Service Line:1-800-515-5505.

Orlandi Valuta location directory: Click Here

Answers to key questions about Orlandi Valuta

What money transfer service is better than Orlandi Valuta?

WorldRemit is a better choice than Orlandi Valuta because it provides the advantages of cash pick-up transfers and a whole lot more. With over 30,000 cash pick-up locations worldwide, WorldRemit delivers a lot of choices.

Additionally, the company provides low fees and competitive FX rates for many currency pairs. Compare the fees with most banks and Orlandi Valuta to figure out the savings for your international transfers. Finally, the customer service team at WorldRemit has a great reputation for fast response times and solving problems.

What are the customer opinions of Orlandi Valuta?

Overall, customers are not happy with the quality of the service provided by Orlandi Valuta. They share that the funds do not arrive within the expected timeframes and the customer service team is bad. Therefore, you might be better served by looking for alternative money transfer companies.

Examples of highly rated transfer providers with excellent TrustPilot scores are TorFX, WorldRemit, and Wise. These are industry-leading services that you can count on for a great money transfer experience. Their customer service teams go the extra mile to provide help and the quality of the deals are competitive.

What features does the Orlandi Valuta mobile app offer?

Orlandi Valuta does not offer a mobile app because its money transfer service is limited to cash pick up transfers sent from Western Union locations. However, if you are looking for the top mobile apps in the money transfer industry, then consider choosing companies like Xe, Wise and WorldRemit. You can download their mobile apps from Google Play or App Store.

What are cheaper alternatives to Orlandi Valuta?

If you want to save money while sending money internationally, then Xe is one of the top choices. Firstly, they do not charge a fee for sending money - even large amounts. Secondly, they match the mid-market rate for most currency conversions. This means you will not have to pay the large markup percentages charged by banks and Orlandi Valuta.

Can I open an Orlandi Valuta account in any country?

You do not need to open an account to send Orlandi Valuta cash transfers. Just find the nearest agent and they will help you.

Does Orlandi Valuta have an app?

No, Orlandi Valuta doesn’t have any apps. For money sent with Western Union, you can use their app.

Are there transfer limits?

Orlandi Valuta does not list any transfer limits. You will have to call your local Orlandi Valuta location to inquire about relevant transfer limits.

How long do transfers take with Orlandi Valuta?

Orlandi Valuta transfers take between 2 and 5 days to be completed. Service times and practices will be comparable to Western Union.

What customer support options are available?

  • Phone

  • Email

Can I use an Orlandi Valuta debit card when travelling abroad?

Orlandi Valuta does not offer a debit card.

How to open an account and transfer money with Orlandi Valuta

You do not open an account to use Orlandi Valuta’s services. However, there are several steps you will need to take before you can transfer money.

Can I use Orlandi Valuta for international bank transfers?

Yes, you can. While the company is geared more towards cash pickups, you can transfer money directly to a bank account.


Orlandi Valuta is among the better money transfer providers that offer the traditional money transfer service. You will have no trouble sending money to and from essentially anywhere in Mexico and the US. While that may sound like a limiting transfer service, there are a few agent locations in many major cities around the world.

The rates Orlandi Valuta charges are quite reasonable. If you want to set up cash transfers, especially in North America, they are worth a look.

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