b-sharpe Review: Exchange Rates, Transfer Fees & Alternatives

Founded in 2006 and based in Geneva, Switzerland, b-sharpe is a specialist currency broker that helps both private and corporate clients take with currency exchanges and international money transfers.

The company supports more than 16,000 customers and claims to have saved its users over 8 million Swiss francs. In total, b-sharpe has exchanged over 1.3 billion francs in more than 20 currencies throughout the more than a decade it has been operational.

With b-sharpe, customers benefit from low fees and transparent rates. There are zero fees for transactions above 5,000 CHf. Below is a quick run-through of the exchange rates and fees charged by b-sharpe.

Exchange rates

Exchange rate margins on b-sharpe range from 0.12% to 0.9% depending on the currency pair and the volumes exchanged. For instance, when sending between 500,000 and 1 million Swiss francs to the United States you will get a margin of 0.12%. You can also lock in an exchange rate for a later transfer.


Any transaction above 5,000 swiss francs come with no fee. Any transfers below this amount are charged at 5 CHf per transaction.

Additional fees

Some banks may charge you landing fees when transferring money to your b-sharpe client account, so be sure to check with your bank before using the service.

b- sharpe pros and cons

b-sharpe is out to simplify foreign exchange transactions. It achieves this in several ways; here is a breakdown of the provider’s pros and cons to help you choose wisely.


Low/zero fees: Transactions above 5,000 swiss francs are free of charge, and anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of just 5 CHf.
Low exchange rate margins: b-sharpe margins range from 0.12% to 0.9%. This is very competitive in the money transfer sector.
Ability to lock in a rate: You can lock in an exchange rate to avoid later market fluctuations.
Mobile app: The provider has a mobile application, which can be found in Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store
Insurance against fraud: Transfers are insured up to a sum of 3 million swiss francs.
Live chat support: Customers get premium support during working hours: Monday to Friday from 9am - 6pm.


Fewer currencies: b-sharpe only supports 20 currencies
Limited customer support: There is no customer support on weekends, and this can be inconveniencing.
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What kind of payments can I make with b- sharpe?

As an established money transfer service, b-sharpe has streamlined transfer payments and remittances to the various destinations. Here are the payments you can make and the withdrawal options available to your recipients.

Payment methods available

Customers are required to transfer money from their bank accounts to the designated b-sharpe account. There are no other payment methods offered for funding transfers.

Withdrawal options available

Beneficiaries can access the funds sent through their respective bank accounts. Again, no options except bank deposit are available. If you want to send money in cash or to a mobile wallet, you’ll have to looks elsewhere.

Does b-sharpe have a mobile app?

No, b-sharpe is not available on a mobile app. You can, however, access the platform on a mobile browser.

How fast are b-sharpe’s transfer speeds?

Most transfers are delivered within 2 days, but the provider also offers an express transfer solution that cuts the delivery time to just 24 hours.

Are there maximum and minimum transfer amounts?

Customers on this platform enjoy unlimited transfers.

Can I trust b-sharpe?

b-sharpe brings Swiss quality to the money transfer industry. Here is a summary of some of the reasons why users keep on signing up for accounts with the provider.

History and background

b-sharpe has a solid history spanning over a decade in the financial services industry. The provider is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and trusted by over 16,000 customers. Funds are protected and insured to a tune of 3 million swiss francs and the transfer platform has double authentication layers.

In November 2019, Migros Genève, the largest retail player in Switzerland acquired a significant stake in b-sharpe, forming a solid synergistic collaboration.

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Customer satisfaction

On Trustpilot, b-sharpe has 1,345 reviews, 98% of which are rated 4 and 5 stars. This is what customers are saying about the provider:


b-sharpe offers competitive exchange rates
When sending across Europe most deliveries take just 24 hours
Zero transfer fees on transfers above 5,000 swiss francs


Occasionally, customer support takes long to respond to queries

Can I cancel my transfer?

If the currency exchange transaction has not been carried out, you can request for cancellation through Transactions with locked-in rates cannot be cancelled.

Top destinations for using b-sharpe

Here are the countries frequented by customers sending money using b-sharpe:

Customer support

You can contact customer support via email on, on the phone by calling +41 223 11 11 82, or live chat Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm.


b-sharpe is one of the leading currency exchange and money transfer providers in Switzerland with a customer base of 16,000 users. Since 2006, b-sharpe has transferred over 1.3 billion swiss francs, and carried out exchanges into more than 20 currencies - saving its customers over 8 million CHf in the process.

Having said that, users should always compare alternative offerings before settling on a specific provider. Using our money transfer comparison tool, you can quickly check who is cheap, fast, and effective on your transfer route. It only takes a couple of minutes to find out if b-sharpe is the best option for you.

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