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BOSS Revolution is a money transfer service first launched for U.S. customers in 2013 under IDT Payment Services, with a few select destination countries in Latin America. Over the years, BOSS Revolution has expanded to offer international money transfers to over 59 countries across the world, including countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. In this full and transparent review, we’ll be providing an in-depth breakdown of BOSS Revolution and any alternative money transfer services you may want to consider.

Send Money with BOSS Revolution

BOSS Revolution Exchange Rate, Fees & Costs

Making yourself fully aware of the costs involved in any international money transfer is a crucial part of getting the best deal for you. BOSS Revolution advertises its services particularly towards migrants looking to send money back home to family and friends, so low-cost transfers are a key part of their marketing.

Transfer fees: The company offers international transfers for free for first-time customers sending up to $300 with the app. From there, fees start from $1.99 but can be significantly higher. BOSS Revolution’s fees vary depending on the country you are sending to and the payment method you select. As a brief example, sending $300 to Brazil (USD to BRL) would incur fees between $1.99 when paying with a debit card, up to $7.99 when paying by credit card. Check our guide on making wire transfers with a credit card to learn more about using your credit to send money.

Exchange rate: BOSS Revolution do not say exactly what markup they add onto the mid-market rate for international transfers, but this is likely to change depending on the currency pair you are converting between. Using the same example above, at the time of writing, BOSS Revolution would offer an exchange rate of 1 USD = 4.9300 BRL, while the mid-market rate is 1 USD = 5.13 BRL. 

Comparatively, BOSS Revolution, therefore, offers a more competitive exchange rate than providers such as MoneyGram and Western Union in this case study, but a less competitive rate than a provider such as WorldRemit. 

Other fees: If paying by credit card, you may also be charged cash advance fees by your credit card provider.

Top countries to send money to with BOSS Revolution

BOSS Revolution supports international money transfers from the US to over 50 countries worldwide, with over 320,000 agent locations to make cash pick-ups more accessible.

Some of the companies most frequented currency routes include Mexico, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and more.

Transfers can be processed within minutes, although the exact transfer time can vary depending on the country you are sending to and the payment method/delivery option you select.

Pros & Cons of BOSS Revolution

Covers a wide number of countries across the world
Offers a number of different delivery options
First-time customers to get their first transfer for free
App available on both Android and Apple stores for 24/7 use
Promises a quick delivery time
User reviews are very mixed
Only for U.S. customers
Paying by card is the only option
Some users criticize the customer service provided

What type of transfers can you make with BOSS Revolution?

BOSS Revolution offers four different transfer types: 

Cash Pickup

With over 300,000 agent or partner locations across the world, you can organise for your funds to be picked up as cash. This type of transfer is often available very quickly, so ideal if you need to send money urgently or to someone without access to a bank account.

Bank Deposit

A popular method of sending money internationally, bank transfer seems to be the most widely accepted type of transfer for all the countries BOSS Revolution supports transfers to.

Home Delivery

For selected countries, you can also opt to have your funds delivered directly to your recipient’s door. This won’t be an option for every country the company supports, so check if it’s offered for your recipient’s country first.

Mobile Wallet

You also have the option to send instantly to mobile money accounts, which is another useful and secure alternative to sending money to a bank account.

How long will it take to receive money using BOSS Revolution?

On its website, BOSS Revolution say transfers should generally be available within minutes, although this can depend on the method of payment you use.

Both bank deposits and cash pickups are both generally available within minutes after sending, but your transfer could be processed the next working day.

In comparison with banks, who normally take 3 – 5 working days to process international transfers and some other money transfer providers who can take several working days to process bank-to-bank transfers, BOSS Revolution has a rapid transfer time.

What payment methods can I use when sending money?

BOSS Revolution has two payment options:

Debit or credit card: The company accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express debit and credit cards for international money transfers as well as the other services offered (international calling and international mobile top-up). Note that a credit card will typically incur higher fees and a debit card.

Cash payment: Alternatively, you can select to ‘Pay at Store’. This option allows you to submit a money transfer order via the app online, and then pay for your transfer in cash at an authorised agent location.

Top reasons for using BOSS Revolution

This money transfer provider is most commonly used for personal cases. When BOSS Revolution was launched, the service was designed to provide a more reliable and low-cost way of sending money back home. Popular reasons for using BOSS Revolution might include:

Remittance payments

One of the most popular reasons for sending money with this company would be to send money back home to loved ones. Remittance payments account for millions of dollars sent across the globe every single year, with millions of overseas workers sending money back home to support their families in their home country. With an emphasis on lower-cost international money transfers, this is the main reason one might use BOSS Revolution.

Other personal reasons you might send an international transfer:

  • Moving funds back home
  • Paying for a mortgage abroad
  • Making a foreign payment (such as for an overseas wedding or a deposit for a vacation)
  • Paying school fees for a child studying abroad

Can I trust BOSS Revolution?

BOSS Revolution Money Transfer is a service offered by IDT Payment Services and IDT Payment Services of New York LLC. Both are licensed money transfer providers and in compliance with all federal and state money remittance regulations.

Founded in 1990 by Howard Jonas, IDT Corporation is  a global provider of telecommunications and payment services, with a number of brands under its name including BOSS Revolution.

In addition, BOSS Revolution offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If for some reason your transfer does not reach its destination, the company will refund you in full.

What do users have to say about BOSS Revolution?

BOSS Revolution receives a ‘Great’ rating of 4.1 out of 5 on TrustPilot, with over 1,100 user reviews on the site. The positive feedback is all fairly similar, praising the company’s ability to send money quickly, efficiently, and for a low cost to numerous destinations around the world.

Where BOSS Revolution does face criticism amongst TrustPilot reviews in particular is it’s customer service, as well as some transfers taking much longer than anticipated to be released to recipients or being delayed altogether.

Elsewhere, BOSS Revolution receives a rating of 4.4 out of 5 and 4.6 out of 5 on the Android and Apple app stores respectively. Out of the negative reviews, most are targeted towards the company’s international calling service rather than their money transfer service.

Overall, Boss Revolution receives mixed user reviews. Whilst the brands messaging on meeting the need for reliable and low-cost remittances may be appealing, some previous customers criticize the company’s customer service and slow transfer times.

How to get started with BOSS Revolution to send & receive money?

Now, customers have the option to send money to over 320,000 locations within those countries supported, with a 24/7 service available via the app and a number of delivery options including bank transfers, cash pick-ups, and mobile wallet delivery. Currently, BOSS Revolution promises free money transfers to first-time customers sending up to $300.

Using this service is fairly straightforward and follows the same basic steps.

How to send money using BOSS Revolution:

Step 1. Either download the app or visit the website and create your free account. This should take just a few minutes.

Step 2. Select the country you are sending to, and then input the amount you want to send, your payment method, and delivery method. These options may be limited depending on where you are sending to.

Step 3. Click to proceed and enter your recipient’s details (e.g. full name, address, bank account information) and your payment details.

Step 4. Check you have entered all the information correctly, and then start your transfer. 

How to receive money using BOSS Revolution:

  • If you are receiving funds via a bank deposit, you’ll need to provide the sender with your full name as it appears on your bank account, plus your bank account number and routing number/sort code.
  • If you are receiving a mobile money transfer, your sender will just need the mobile number connected to your mobile money account.
  • If you are receiving cash, you may need a transaction ID and proof of ID (e.g. passport or driving license) to verify your identity when picking up the funds.

Does BOSS Revolution have a mobile app?

Yes, BOSS Revolution has a free app that is available for both Android and Apple phones and receives good reviews.

BOSS Revolution Money Transfer App 

BOSS Revolution has grown exponentially in the 8 years since it was first launched, transforming into a widely used international platform that facilitates money transfers to over 59 countries. In August 2021, BOSS Revolution announced they were partnering with Terrapay as it continues to expand globally. From mobile airtime top up, to cross-border calling, to foreign currency transfers, the core focus of BOSS revolution is connect friends and family located in different parts of the world. 

Somewhat confusingly, BOSS Revolution has two mobile applications: the Calling App and the Money Transfer App; we will be reviewing the latter. The two applications work seamlessly with one another to ensure a totally streamlined online experience. 

Taking pride in their reputation as a safe and affordable remittance provider, BOSS Revolution allows customers to send money instantly using the mobile app, offering incentives such as zero transfer fees for global transfers up to $300 USD for customers using the app for the first-time. Using the app, you can:

  • Make international calls
  • Top-up phones for friends and family
  • Send an international money transfer

How do I get the BOSS Revolution Money Transfer App?

If you are based in the United States, you will be able to download the BOSS Revolution Money Transfer app for free from the app store of your choice. If you are based outside of the United States, this money transfer app is unfortunately not available. 

Can I make international transfers with the BOSS Revolution Money Transfer App?

Yes, BOSS Revolution Money Transfer App is designed to make it easier to send funds from the U.S. to family members and friends overseas.

The only available payment methods for customers sending a money transfer is debit or credit card. There are more options to choose from, however, when it comes to delivery of funds.

Beneficiaries can choose from the following pay-out methods:

  • Cash pickup: collecting cash from thousands of BOSS Revolution locations
  • Bank deposit: funds deposited into the recipient’s bank account
  • Home delivery: cash sent straight to the recipient’s home address 
  • Mobile wallet: funds sent instantly to a digital money account

How does the BOSS Revolution Money Transfer App perform? 

In order to gain a better understanding of how well the BOSS Revolution Money Transfer app fares against competitors in the industry, we will be assessing the performance of its basic functions and most popular features. 

User Interface: The app is easy to use with information clearly displayed across all functions, the format in keeping with BOSS Revolution’s big, bold and bright branding. As with the website, the mobile app guarantees total transparency throughout the money transfer process; this includes a handy comparison tool which allows customers to compare exchange rates to leading competitors, reviewing how much money will be saved. 

Speed/Bugs: Most recently the multifunctional app was updated in November 2020 and the latest redesign is intended to be faster and easier to use, with an emphasis on greater rewards for loyal customers. This being said, according to user feedback – particularly on the Google Play Store – some customers have experienced issues with the app crashing or performing slowly when arranging international money transfers. 

How to Send Money with the BOSS Revolution Money Transfer App

Step 1. Sign up for a BOSS Revolution account
Step 2. Enter the details of your transfer
Step 3. Fill in the finer details
Step 4. Give everything a final once over, and send!

How long does it take to send through the BOSS Revolution Money Transfer App?

Unfortunately the transfer speed will vary depending on the chosen payout method; sometimes delivery of a cash transfer can take under 30 minutes, while other methods, such as bank transfer, can take several working days to arrive depending on the receiving bank’s processes. Regardless of delivery speed, the beneficiary will be notified when the money is available to the recipient. 

Can you add money directly to the BOSS Revolution Money Transfer App?

No, debit and credit card are the only accepted forms of payment for this money transfer app.

Ratings and Feedback for BOSS Revolution Money Transfer App

The online reviews of BOSS Revolution Money Transfer presents the app in a good light. iPhone users have rated the app 4.8 stars on the App Store and Android users have rated them a similar score of 4.7 out of 5. Positive feedback includes praise for the BOSS Revolution rewards system and instant processing of international money transfers. The majority of the less complimentary comments refer to unsatisfactory customer service experiences with unhelpful and unresponsive agents.

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