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Mastercard® Send™ Transfer Review

Eager to keep up with the fast-paced digital revolution overtaking the financial services industry, Mastercard® – one of the largest payment networks in the world – has developed a real-time payment method designed to ensure near-instant transfers for customers around the world. Here we take a look at Mastercard Send – not to be confused with money transfer company PaySend – the corporation’s venture into cross-border push payment solutions. 

Send Money with Mastercard® Send™ Transfer Review

Founded in 1966, Mastercard is known as one of the biggest financial services companies of all time, having played a major role in the development of the electronic payments industry. Along with Visa, American Express and Discover, Mastercard competes for custom of handling member banks’ financial payments. 

In 2015, the multinational conglomerate decided to turn their attention to the realm of real-time payment solutions, by rolling out a refined payment management service called Mastercard Send. 

By leveraging their existing networks and platforms, Mastercard Send is able to faciliate disbursements and payments to and from almost all US debit card accounts, moving funds from both domestic and international accounts, quickly and easily. A special emphasis is placed on security and speed, with Mastercard branding the service “the first of its kind.” Unlike other money transfer companies, Mastercard Send is not a payment provider, rather a payment management service that can reach virtually every bank account, regardless of whether it is a Mastercard account or not. 

Mastercard Send cross-border transfers can be sent via the following methods:

  • Bank transfers
  • Debit card deposits
  • Mobile wallets
  • Cash pick-up 

In this review we will look at whether it is worth using Mastercard Send for your next money transfer. 

Mastercard Send Exchange Rate, Fees & Costs

The most effective way of gauging the true value of a global payment service is by evaluating the rate of exchange for foreign currencies, as well as any fees or commission that will be charged.

Exchange rates

When sending money with this operator payments will arrive almost instantly, but the transmission process is not conducted by Mastercard themselves. The provider simply processes the data on behalf of a third party bank or financial institution that connects organisations and individuals. For this reason, the Mastercard Send exchange rate will depend on the financial institution the transfer is being arranged with. Although there is no conclusive information on how closely matched Mastercard Send payments are to the mid-market rate, the company maintains that their rates are competitive. 

Transfer fees

Mastercard Send is a payments management service – as opposed to a money transfer service provider like WorldRemit or Wise – which means any fees will be issued by the third parties involved in initiating the transfer, not Mastercard. Fees may differ greatly case by case, so we encourage customers to be wary of this before submitting a transfer.

Additional costs 

Customers have reported that some international companies charge a fee to use Mastercard Send for cross-border payments: there is a tangible lack of transparency when it comes to Mastercard Send’s fee structures.

Top countries to send money to with Mastercard Send

Mastercard Send can be used to transfer funds to debit cards, bank accounts, digital wallets and cash-out facilities in around 100 countries, supporting a wide range of currencies. The service is most used for international money transfers in North America and Asia. 

Pros & Cons of using Mastercard Send

Before moving forward with MasterCard Send, learn the key facts, with this overview of the service’s pros and cons:

The service is backed by Mastercard, the financial services giant with a net worth of $350 billion (as of Aug 20th 2021)
Funds are deposited instantly and automatically into receiver’s account without the need for account details
Mastercard Send can reach virtually all debit card accounts, even non-Mastercard accounts
Multipurpose system can be safely used for peer-to-peer payments, merchant and small business transfers, insurance claims and more
There is no clear guidance or specification of Mastercard Send’s fee or exchange rate structure
It is not a stand alone service provider; instead, it works with banks to get money to recipients faster
Customer support: It is not possible contact MasterCard directly about these transfers, if a problem occurs; instead, you will need to get in touch with the bank or other third party used

What Type of Transfers Can You Make with Mastercard Send?

Mastercard Send facilitates multiple types of transactions between businesses, governments, and individuals. These are the main transfers that can be made with the company:

  • Domestic P2P: These are payments between two individuals, companies, or government institutions within one country.
  • Cross-border P2P: These are international payments made between two entities. 
  • Disbursements: This payment type is made from businesses, charities, or governments to individuals.

How long will it take to receive money using Mastercard Send?

Funds sent via Mastercard Send will reach recipients within 30 minutes. Money will be automatically deposited rather than taking several business days via ACH transfer.

What Payment Methods Can I use When Transferring Money with MasterCard Send?

Before registering for a new account with a Mastercard Send provider, consider the payment methods available. Ideally, you’ll want the platform to allow direct bank transfers and debit card payments since these options are widely accepted. Also, in some cases, they will let you send money instantly. Below you’ll find the main transfer methods offered by the service.

What are the best reasons to use Mastercard Send?

Mastercard Send does not rely on a bank’s ACH system, which means no bank account details are needed when transferring funds, making the whole process a lot easier. Another great reason to use Mastercard Send is the fact funds are directly and automatically sent to the recipient, almost instantaneously. Speed of transfer is another big advantage with Mastercard Send, which supports instant transfers, a feature traditional banks cannot offer. The recipient will get funds immediately after the sender has initiated the transfer. 

Can I trust Mastercard Send?

Mastercard is a global financial service and trusted partner of tens of thousands of financial institutions the world over. Safety is the top priority for this company and they have leveraged their existing platforms and networks to make Mastercard Send streamlined and secure. Using Mastercard Send is covered by the same regulatory compliance as your credit or debit card.

Mastercard is a trustworthy brand that handles billions of transactions from the biggest companies and merchants worldwide. Their debit and credit card empire is known worldwide for being widely accessible, secure and fast. Mastercard Send uses some of the best in-class security protocols such as 2-factor authentication and security codes, complying with regulatory bodies and managing risk, in order to protect customer data.

What do users have to say about Mastercard Send?

Unlike other money transfer service providers, there isn’t a wealth of user feedback about Mastercard Send online. Elsewhere, Mastercard has relatively poor user reviews on consumer feedback sites like Trustpilot and Creditkarma, the common theme being poor customer service. It would appear the customer service options slow and unresponsive, and the quality of help could be improved.

How to Get Started with Mastercard Send to Send and Receive Money

Mastercard Send offers its financial services to various banks and does not have a platform itself where you can make transactions. Therefore, you’ll have to sign up with one of its trusted and verified partners to send and receive money.

We’ve added this section to help those who need guidance in receiving or making payments. However, since multiple companies offer Mastercard Send services, we’ll show you a generic step-by-step guide that you can follow.

Sending money

Step 1 – Choose a Mastercard Send provider: Select a reliable money transfer company with a great track record of providing excellent services. Fill out your personal details and verify your account. The payment provider will ask you to upload a picture of a passport, ID card, or driver’s license to prove your identity.

Step 2 – Deposit funds: Now deposit money into your account using one of the payment methods provided. Due to their convenience, the most popular are bank transfers and debit card payments. 

Step 3 – Navigate to the transfer section: Then open the transfer page and input the recipient’s information. Click next, and input the amount of money to send. 

Step 4 – Finalize the transfer: Complete the transaction by pressing the “send” button. Now all you need to do is wait for confirmation that the recipient received the money. 

Receiving money

Step 1 – Sign in or create an account: To receive money, sign in to your Mastercard Send provider or create a new account. If you decide to create a new account, make sure to verify your email, ID, phone number, and address.

Step 2 – Provide payment information: Open the dashboard and select the currency that will be sent to your account. Next, choose the option to see payment details. Copy this information and send it to the individual or business that will make the transfer.

Step 3: Once the sender has confirmed they have executed the transaction, the only thing left is to wait. The transfer speed varies depending on several factors. However, if you both use Mastercard Send or the same banking service, the funds should arrive within 30 minutes.

Top Destinations for Sending Money with Mastercard Send

Mastercard Send has a global reach, operating in over 210 countries. This makes it effortless to send money internationally to buy goods and make payments. Here are the most popular Mastercard Send Regions:

  • Asia
  • North America
  • Europe

Does Mastercard Send have a mobile app?

Mastercard Send does not offer an app to complement the money transfer service: upon searching “Mastercard” users will find other related apps such as the Mastercard For You service, this is not related to Mastercard Send’s international transfer service. To learn about the best in the market, have a read of our list of the top money transfer apps today.


Does Mastercard Send offer its own banking service?

Mastercard does not offer its own banking services. Instead, they provide their financial technologies to various banks worldwide. You can visit their main website and see which brands they are partnered with.

What are the best Mastercard Send service providers?

Mastercard has dozens of debit card issuers that offer ease of use, great customer support, and multiple currencies integrated. One of our favorite Mastercard issuers is Cashplus, as they are FCA approved and offer accounting software.

What are the fees for using Mastercard Send?

The fees for using Mastercard Send vary between providers. Therefore, you’ll need to visit your bank’s fee structure page to find out the exact costs. The main fees you’ll likely encounter are:

  • Exchange fees: If you are receiving an incoming payment of a foreign currency, you will encounter an exchange fee when it automatically converts to your local currency. Also, you will have to pay this fee when exchanging currencies within your account.
  • Transfer fees: Mastercard Send will not issue a transfer fee themselves as they are a payments management service. However, the card issuer will apply their own fee on transactions. For example, Paysend allows you to connect your Mastercard to their service for cross-border payments and will attach a fee.

Should I use Mastercard Send or Visa?

Both cards are issued by banks or e-wallets and allow users to pay for goods, as well as send and receive money. If you are a consumer, there is no overwhelming difference between the two cards as both are regional and cross-border payment systems. Therefore, you can use either card without encountering major issues.

What payment methods can I use with Mastercard Send?

Mastercard Send providers allow their clients to use multiple methods for transferring money. Here are the main options:

  • Bank transfer: Directly send funds from your bank account to a recipient by inputting the routing number or IBAN.
  • Debit card: Individuals can pay for goods online using their card number, full name, and security code, which are found on the card. Also, you can transfer funds to another person using a payment link provided by the beneficiary. 
  • Cheques: Some financial institutions accept cheque deposits for funding your account. Afterward, you can use the two previous methods for making payments.

How can I accept money via Mastercard Send?

Mastercard issuers allow users to accept funds using a dedicated IBAN, SWIFT code, or routing number. You’ll provide these numbers along with your name to the sender, who will then use this information to transfer funds to your account.

Alternatively, some platforms have a payment link feature where you can write how much money you want to receive. Afterwards, a unique link will be generated, which the sender can use to pay with their debit or credit card.

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Mastercard® Send™ Transfer Review
Founded in 1966, Mastercard is known as one of the biggest financial services companies of all time, having played a major role in the development of the electronic payments industry. Along with Visa, American Express and Discover, Mastercard competes for custom of handling member banks’ financial payments.  In 2015, the multinational conglomerate decided to turn […]
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