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BABB, which stands for Bank Account Based Blockchain, is driven by the mantra #TechForGood. It is a financial services platform aiming for financial inclusion globally using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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About BABB

The BABB app earned an "Excellent" rating of 83% in consumer review website Trustpilot, with its continuous improvement features and “banking the unbanked” principle as its main attractions.

Can I use Babb for international bank transfers?

Yes, Babb can be used for international bank transfers. Since BABB is using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, international bank transfers using the app are at a much lower cost.

Internal Peer-to-Peer Transfer is offered for free. This service includes all peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transfers with the same currency.

Exchange Rate

BABB charges a currency conversion rate of 5% applied on the source currency and on the prevailing exchange rate for both crypto and fiat.

The conversion fee applies if BAX, BABB’s currency, was purchased through a bank transfer or a card transaction to go into an internal BAX wallet. The conversion fee also applies if cash or any supported cryptocurrency was withdrawn from BAX to be transferred to a bank account.

The same rule applies for currency conversion between BAX and ETH (Ether, the Etherium network’s cryptocurrency) and BAX and BTC (Bitcoin).

For each money transfer requiring conversion, BABB will show the client the applicable exchange rate, with the client confirming the conversion transaction if they find the exchange rate acceptable.

How long do transfers take with BABB?

Unfortunately, BABB does not provide any information on how fast the transfer transactions can be made through the platform. However, unlike other banks, BABB is using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, which means bank transfers are faster than usual and almost real-time.

Are there transfer limits?

There is no data on the transfer limits of BABB. However, BABB may impose limits on transactions and activities depending on the legal and regulatory restrictions that apply to a client.

Can I use BABB when traveling abroad?

Definitely, yes. BABB currencies can be used when traveling abroad. All you need to do is to convert your money to another currency. That is the beauty of having blockchain technology as it lets people from all over the world connect directly to one another. However, since BABB is using cryptocurrency, ATM Cash Withdrawals are not possible. It's not a bank account that you can withdraw anytime and anywhere as long as there is an ATM. Users can only get cash if another BABB user directly sends it to them in exchange for a digital transaction.

Additional Costs

Signing up for BABB is for free. The app can also be downloaded for free via Google Play and Apple Store.

Deposits to a BABB account coming from external accounts and wallets are allowed at no cost to the client. Examples of this type of transaction include the following:

  • Crypto Deposit to a BABB crypto wallet through a transfer from an external source

  • Donations coming from an external crypto account going into a BAX campaign wallet

A 5% withdrawal fee applies when the transfer is made from any BABB wallet to an external account or wallet. The same rate applies to a peer-to-peer crypto transfer from a BABB wallet to an external wallet or when cashing out from a BABB wallet into fiat.

How do BABB transfer fees compare to using a money transfer provider?

Compared to using a money transfer provider, BABB transfer fees are much cheaper. Through blockchain technology, middlemen were cut out, so that BABB users can send money directly to other users around the world. The transaction is also done faster and with less hassle than using a money transfer provider.

International money transfers are also cheaper with BABB compared to traditional banks as BABB users can easily convert their money to different currencies.

BABB Pros and Cons

If you are thinking of using BABB as a financial service, you might want to consider the following pros and cons before deciding.


BABB is a more accessible financial platform and offers inclusivity to people who cannot avail of financial services through the traditional banks. It offers everyone a chance to have a bank account that also services as their digital wallet.
BABB has lower fees compared to traditional banks as it lets its users connect and send funds directly anywhere in the world without going through a third party that usually charges additional fees.
BABB has a global market. It has users all over the world and it lets them connect directly to one another for more inclusive, hassle-free, and convenient banking transactions.
Since BABB is being run through blockchain technology, it has a very low fraud risk. Blockchain transactions have very low chances of being hacked or falsified.


BABB needs a large network for it to become useful. The more users it has, the better the services it offers, the more useful it becomes. Its success will rely on the number of users.
BABB is using cryptocurrency, whose prices can fluctuate significantly. With this, volatility could be a disadvantage.
Unlike traditional banks, BABB does not support ATM cash withdrawals. The only way you can get cash is through another BABB user who can directly send out funds in exchange for a digital transaction.
BABB does not have any physical branch, so all transactions are done online. If you experience a problem with your account, their online help desk is your sole means for communicating with them.

BABB Additional Products

BABB does not offer additional products. Instead, users get the following when they sign up:

  • Account –Upon registration, users are entitled to have a full United Kingdom multicurrency bank account-based BAX.

  • Card – It is not the usual ATM Card that banks issue for you to withdraw cash easily on ATM Machines. BABB card works through a QR Code or NFC Technology, thus it does not carry any actual personal data. The advantage of using this kind of card is that once you lose it, you can just deactivate it using the app.

  • App – BABB app can be downloaded for free via Google Play and Apple Store. The app can be used for different functions such as sending money, exchanging currencies, borrowing and lending money, fundraising, even receiving your salary. However, all interactions using the app are purely peer-to-peer. Thus, you have to do these transactions with another BABB user.


BABB is a financial platform that uses blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Its main purpose is to provide inclusivity to everyone. It streamlines money transfers using blockchain transactions that eliminate the middlemen and allows users to do transactions directly.

However, unlike traditional banks, BABB does not have physical branches and users cannot withdraw money through ATMs. Users can only get money through transfers from other BABB users or by topping up a BABB wallet via credit or debit card.

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