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Xpress Money is one of the fastest-growing global money transfer brands. Incorporated in 1999 in the United Kingdom, the company is currently based in Dubai, and is widely available all around the world.

This review will take you through the rates and fees charged by Xpress Money, payments customers can make, the transfer process, and other details you may need to know.

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Whether you want to make business or individual payments, Xpress Money gives you access to over 74 currencies and supports more than 170 transfer destinations globally. Jointly with the rest of the brands in the Finablr group, the company processed over 150 million transactions valued at $115 billion in 2018. 

Xpress Money’s online remittance portal is a product of Xpress Money Services Ltd. but in fact, operates as an extension of UAE Exchange – another Finablr company. This gives the company reach across both the Middle East and the wider world, and means that existing UAE Exchange customers can use their customer numbers to register on the portal.

Customers using Xpress Money have access to several pay-out options, including bank transfers, cash pick-up from over 200,000 locations, mobile wallet transfers, and even deliveries right to their doors.

Xpress Money exchange rates and fees

Xpress Money’s goal is to enable its customers to send more money with low transfer fees and make great savings on exchange rates. Here is a summary of the fees and exchange rate margins to expect when using their platform.

Exchange rates

The exchange rate margins levied by Xpress Money vary depending on the transfer route. For instance, you can pay as low as 1.30% above the mid-market rate when transferring money from the United States to India. On the other hand, you can pay up to 11.22% in margins when sending money to Nepal from the UK. This wide discrepancy between margins for different routes means it is vital to check what rate you’re getting before making a transfer.


Xpress Money’s transfer fees depend on the transfer corridor and the amount of money sent. As an example, a customer transferring £4,000 to Kenya pays £120 per transaction and £33 when the amount drops to £1,000.

Sending the same amounts from the UK to Bangladesh will cost you £40 and £10 in fees, respectively.

Additional costs

The receiver may be charged SWIFT fees by the receiving bank if the sender opts for the transfer-to-bank as the payout method.

Xpress Money pros and cons

As one of the most dependable money transfer providers in the market today, Xpress Money gives its customers a reason to keep on sending money to their loved ones. Here are some of the pros as well as a few cons to watch out for as you evaluate their service.

Multiple payout options: Customers can send money to their recipients’ bank accounts, cash pickup locations, mobile wallets, and doorsteps.
Live chat: Customers get 24/7 live chat support on the website.
Extensive global network: Xpress Money supports sending to over 170 destinations globally.
Instant money transfer: Your beneficiary receives their transfer in minutes so that they can quickly use the funds to attend to their immediate needs.
Instant money transfer: Your beneficiary receives their transfer in minutes so that they can quickly use the funds to attend to their immediate needs.
Restricted online money transfer platform: Online transfers can only be initiated from Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Canada, Qatar, and the USA.
Steep fees: The provider charges relatively high fees per transaction compared to some of its competitors.
Higher exchange rate margins on some routes: When transferring money from the UK to destinations such as Kenya or Nepal, customers end up paying margins upwards of 9% above mid-market rates.

What kind of payments can I make with Xpress Money?

Xpress Money customers have access to a wide variety of payment and withdrawal options. Here is a breakdown of the kind of payments you can make using the service. 

Payment methods available 

Xpress Money allows the following options when customers wish to pay for a transfer: 

  • Online bank transfers
  • Debit card payments
  • Cash deposits

Withdrawal options available

Customers can receive money through any of the following methods:

  • Cash pickup: Customers can collect their money from over 200,000 cash pickup locations globally.
  • Direct to bank account: Beneficiaries can receive money sent via Xpress Money directly into their accounts.
  • Mobile wallet deposits: Recipients in countries like Kenya that support mobile wallets transfers can access their funds through their mobile money wallets.
  • Door-to-door deliveries: Customers in destinations like Vietnam can have their funds delivered at their doorsteps.

How to send and receive money with Xpress Money

Sending and receiving money using Xpress Money is simple. Here is a summary of the steps to follow to make your transfer and to collect your money.

How to send money with Xpress Money

Customers can either use the physical agent option or arrange a transfer online. Both options are explained here. 

Through a physical agent

To send money using one of Xpress Money’s physical agents, follow these steps:

1. Visit your nearest Xpress Money partner location

2. Fill in the receiver details

3. Pay for your transfer in cash

4. Collect your receipt and 16-digit XPIN

The money is sent within minutes and ready to be collected by the beneficiary

Transferring online

Transferring money online with Xpress Money works like this:

1. Sign up for an account: Register for an account and have it verified by providing the following documents: a copy of your passport, valid photocard driving license, or ID card for EU nationals. (If you’re a UAE Exchange customer, you can register with your customer number).

2. Add a recipient: Log on to your account and add your beneficiary details.

3. Make the transfer: Enter the amount you want to send and choose any of the payment options displayed.

4. Pay for your transfer: Confirm the transaction, take note of the transaction reference number, and switch to your online banking platform to complete the payment. 

How to receive money with Xpress Money

With Xpress Money, beneficiaries can have funds deposited in their bank account, transferred to their mobile money wallet, delivered at their doorstep, or sent to a cash pickup location near them. Bank and mobile wallet deposits, the process is as simple as merely providing the correct address/account details to the sender and waiting for the money to arrive. Cash pickups and home deliveries require a little extra effort.

For cash pickups and home deliveries, here is a summary of how beneficiaries can access their money: 

  1. The receiver visits their nearest Xpress Money Partner location
  2. They provide a valid ID and the 16-digit XPIN received from the sender
  3. The money is paid out to them
  4. Once the money is collected, the sender receives an SMS confirmation

For home deliveries, the beneficiary is also required to provide a valid ID and the 16-digit XPIN before being handed over the funds.

Does Xpress Money have a mobile app?

Yes. The provider has a mobile app available as a free download on both the Play Store and App Store. However, the app does not support online money transfers. Customers can only use it for:

  • Transaction tracking using the 16-digit XPIN
  • Finding an Xpress Money partner location
  • Calculate transaction fee

How fast are Xpress Money’s transfer speeds?

Xpress Money transfers are instant. Within minutes the beneficiary can collect the funds.

Are there maximum and minimum transfer amounts?

Yes, Xpress Money has limits based on the transfer corridor you’re transferring along. These tend to be maximum rarer than minimum limits, here are a few quick examples of the types of limits imposed:

  • From the UK to Bangladesh: The sending limit is £4,800
  • From the US to Cambodia: The sending limit is $ 7,500
  • Brazil to the Philippines: The maximum amount customers can send is $5,000

Can I trust Xpress Money?

Having been in the industry for slightly over two decades, Xpress Money has gained lots of experience and developed best practices in cross-currency and cross border money transfers. Here are some factors as you evaluate their trustworthiness and reliability.


Xpress Money was incorporated in 1999 in the United Kingdom. In May 2019, MoneyDart Global Services Inc (trading as Xpress Money) was acquired by holding company Finablr Limited for a total of $9.28 million. As a result, Xpress Money joined other brands in the Finablr family including:

Regulatory compliance

Xpress Money’s online platform is provided through UAE Exchange, and is regulated in all relevant territories in which it operates online services through this partnership. 

In terms of its physical transfer network in the USA, Xpress Money holds licenses for:

  • Sale of checks license
  • Money services & currency exchange 
  • Money transmission
  • Certificate of authority foreign corporation
  • Foreign transmittal agency

Key industry partnerships

To streamline and enhance its cross-border money movement and payment services Xpress Money has fostered partnerships with the following trusted institutions.

  • Remitly: With this partnership, Remitly customers can send money to Xpress Money payout locations in both Asia and Africa.
  • Geoswift: This collaboration with Geoswift enables Xpress Money’s customers to send funds to 14 banks in China directly to their recipients’ UnionPay card accounts.
  • Alipay: The combined capabilities of both Alipay and Xpress Money have enabled a greater penetration for cross-border money transfer services.
  • Confidence Corretora: This partnership has increased Xpress Money’s network in Latin America to over 50,000 locations.

Xpress Money has also established partnerships with local banks to facilitate customers payments all over the world in record time.

Encryption and customer data

Xpress Money takes security seriously and has put in place state-of-the-art security measures including 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols and regular monitoring by Norton Secured-Powered by VERISIGN.

Customer satisfaction

Xpress Money has only a single review on Trustpilot. However, most customers share their experiences on social media and here are some of their views.


  • Great customer service: Users get immediate help online and through telephone for any queries raised.
  • Foreign exchange expertise: Executing foreign exchange trades is much easier with the help of relationship managers.
  • Speed: Transfers are delivered instantly.


  • The system goes offline at times: Some customers raised concerns about the system going into maintenance mode frequently.
  • Wrong fees on the app: The Xpress Money mobile app may not always display the correct fees due to delays in cross-platform updates.

Can I cancel my transfer?

Transfers can be cancelled within a 30-minute window following payment. You can call customer support on 1-866-808-2703 or email them at customer.service@moneydart.com with the transfer details.

Top destinations

Below is a summary of the top destinations that Xpress Money users often send money to:

Customer support

There are three ways you can get help on Xpress Money: via phone, email, and live chat. Here’s how you can access each method:

  • Telephone: You can call +1-866-977-3772 or 1-866-808-2703. The lines are open 24/7 only that you have to watch out for international call charges.
  • Email: You can get the support team on customer.relations@xpressmoney.com.
  • Live chat: There is always a representative on live chat to handle any of your queries.


Xpress Money is one of the leading global brands in cross-border and cross-currency money transfers. Its network comprising over 200,000 cash pick-up locations spread in more than 170 countries makes it easy and fast for businesses and individuals to make international transfers.

The company has transformed its network through strategic alliances with other international money transfer providers, banks, non-banking financial institutions, and telecommunications companies. Having been acquired by Finablr in 2019, Xpress Money is now part of a group of several trusted names in the money transfer business.

Payments are conveniently made through cash payouts, mobile wallet deposits, door deliveries and direct bank account deposits, but customers should watch out for the fees and margins charged. On some routes particularly the exchange rate margins applied by Xpress Money can be very steep, so always check what you’re being charged before making a transfer.

The best way to do this is to compare your options against all other money transfer providers. Luckily our money transfer comparison tool can help you do this in seconds and allow you to see easily how competitive Xpress Money is on your chosen transfer route.

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