Eurobank International Transfers & Exchange Rates
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November, 23 2022
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March, 22 2023

Eurobank International Transfers & Exchange Rates

Eurobank was founded in 1990 and is part of the Eurobank Group (Greece), a strong financial institution that prioritizes clients and their requirements.

About Eurobank

It is a universal commercial bank that provides retail, private, business, corporate, and wealth management products and services.

The Group creates financial products and services that are tailored to the needs of its clients. Individuals and companies can benefit from its smart options and comprehensive services.

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Eurobank Exchange Rates and Fees

Eurobank charges a higher transaction fee for international money transfers to or from Greece due to itsless competitive exchange rate.

Exchange Rate

The Eurobank UK Pound and Euro exchange rates are as follows:

  • GBP £ to EUR has a margin rate of 2.6% and a guide rate of €1.151.

  • EUR € to GBP has a margin rate of 2.6% and a guide rate of £0.824.

The broker rates are as follows:

  • GBP £ to EUR has a margin rate of 0.7% and a guide rate of €1.173.

  • EUR € to GBP has a margin rate of 0.7% and a guide rate of £0.841.

Thus, sending money to or from your Eurobank account in euros, the British pound, or the US dollar involves a margin rate of 2.6%, which is significantly higher than most currency broker rates (typically 0.7 to 1.0%).

Transfer Fees

For inward payment in foreign currencies (other than Euro), the fees are as follows:

  • €8: in same currency account less than €2,000 or equivalent

  • €16: in same currency account more than €2,000 or equivalent

  • €8: in different currency account less than €2,000 or equivalent

  • €16: in different currency account greater than €2,000 or equivalent

For inward payment (SEPA / SWIFT) in Euro, deposit in Euro account and deposit in a foreign currency account (other than Euro):

  • Free: an amount less than €1,000

  • €2: for €1,001- €5,000

  • €4: for €5,001 - €20,000

  • €10: for €20,001 - €50,000

  • €16: for an amount greater than €50,001

Outward Payment (SEPA / SWIFT) in Euro:

  • €5: for an amount less than €2,000

  • €10: for €2,001 - €50,000

  • €10: for an amount greater than €50,001

Outward Payment in Foreign Currencies (other than Euro):

  • €8: for an amount less than €2,000 or equivalent

  • €16: for an amount greater than €2,000 or equivalent

Additional Costs

  • Additional 0.05% (Min €8, Max €200): for same day transfer (all currencies)

  • €50: for amendment / investigation of SWIFT message

  • €20: for IBAN not quoted

  • Free of Charge: for payments in same currency within the bank

  • Free of Charge: for payments in different currency within the bank

  • €20: for manual processing of instructions (Outward or Internal Payments) received in original form or via fax / email

  • 0.1%, (Min €100): for ad hoc transaction review / investigation

How Do Eurobank Transfer Fees Compare to Using a Money Transfer Provider?

When sending money abroad into another currency, Eurobank may impose a fixed rate commission fee, and bank transfer commission rates vary based on the amount you need to transfer. Over a value of £5000 (or 5,000 EUR), private brokers provide commission-free currency transfers.

For instance, a typical foreign currency transfer of 100,000 euro (EUR) via Eurobank services would result in a transaction exchange rate margin of about 2.6% – or 2,600 EUR. Using a specialist broker, such as TorFX, the exchange rate margin would be 0.7%, or just 700 EUR total, a significant savings over the bank service.

Eurobank Pros and Cons

The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Eurobank’s banking services:


Investment solutions - focused on high-net-worth clients' specialized investing and banking needs
Client collaboration – working with clients to develop an asset allocation plan for their portfolio based on important criteria such as appetite for risk, long-term investing objectives, and current portfolio structure.
Client-centered - actively promoting a client-centric model of a single point servicing throughout the Group.
Excellent customer service - dealing with clients' day-to-day banking inquiries about a variety of products and services.


Less competitive fees and rates - brokers have lower margin rates and exchange rates than Eurobank, which means you'll get a better deal overall.
Longer fund transfer period - Eurobank's international money transfers may take longer (5 to 7 days) than those handled through a private currency exchange provider (funds arrive on the same day).

Eurobank Swift Codes

How to Open an Account and Transfer Money With Eurobank

Please keep in mind that each bank has its own set of conditions and requirements for creating a bank account. To create a bank account, Eurobank does not need the client to visit the bank personally. You must make an initial deposit of at least 100 EUR to create and activate a bank account with Eurobank.

Eurobank does not require a minimum balance and all main currencies are supported. It provides sophisticated internet banking to its customers 24/7. Upon completion of the application form and submission of supporting papers, account opening generally takes 3 to 4 business days. Following that, money transfers can be made either in person or online.

Opening an Account

Opening an account with Eurobank is simple. It is always advisable to apply in person in any branch you wish to open your bank account. Appointments are seldom necessary. Make sure you have your important documents with you, such as Passport, AFM or Arithmo Forologiko Mitro, utility bills, etc. In a few days, your account will be activated.

In Eurobank, you may begin the application procedure online. To prove your identification, you will need to mail your papers. Eurobank will open your account as soon as all of your documents and initial deposit have been received and processed.

Transferring Money

You may start banking at your fingertips, anytime and everywhere, in addition to traditional bank to bank or private broker money transfers. All you have to do is register for Eurobank's E-Banking Service.

Additional Information

With Eurobank'se-Banking services, you may do over 1,200 quick and secure transactions at cheaper rates and manage your products from your computer, phone, or tablet at any time. Simply use interactive graphics to keep track of your finances. If you activate the link, you can get a consolidated view of your products from Eurobank and other banks.

Customer Service Details for Users of Eurobank

You may personally visit any branch, call +302109555000 or send an email to to reach the bank.

Can I Use Eurobank for International Bank Transfers?

Yes. Sending foreign currency to or from your Eurobank account in Greece doesn't have to be difficult, but using a specialist currency broker instead can save you time and money.


Eurobank, one of Greece's major banks, understands the needs of today's consumers. They no longer have to queue to deposit checks, withdraw cash, or speak with financial advisors. They bank online, with the majority of transactions taking place on a mobile device.

Eurobank's new website provides a tailored experience for each client, is mobile-friendly, accessible to those with disabilities, and is simple to update for non-technical marketers. It also includes a robust toolkit that allows marketers to get a holistic picture of client demands as well as machine learning-generated insights to provide highly successful tailored experiences. Eurobank's international money transfers are less competitive and may take longer than those made through a commercial currency exchange provider.

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