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People’s Bank International Transfers & Exchange Rates
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Published On:
November, 23 2022
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March, 23 2023

People’s Bank International Transfers & Exchange Rates

As its name suggests, the People's Bank is a financial institution that puts the needs of their customers first and foremost. From everyday banking services to mortgages and loans, this US-based bank is a popular choice for many individuals. Check out our full review of the bank's international transfer services, below.

About People’s Bank

People’s Bank of Commerce, or more commonly known as People’s Bank, started in Medford, Oregon in 1998. Their initial vision was to provide a locally-owned and managed community and business bank for Southern Oregon. Through their 20 years of experience, they managed to expand within Oregon. In 2021, they had a merger with Willamette Community Bank to expand into more parts of Oregon, such as Lebanon, Albany and Salem. They remain focused on helping the local businesses and communities grow with their friendly service and firm financial foundations.

People’s Bank Exchange Rates and Fees

Fees and rate change are at the core of the money transfer business: the more competitive the fees and currency conversion rate, the more value for money a service is. We will now look at how People's Bank fares against competitors in the global remittance market.

Exchange Rates

People’s Bank does have its own exchange rates, as they only focus on building and supporting local banking in Oregon.

Transfer Fees

People’s Bank does not have services for international money transfers, hence they do not have transfer fees.

Additional Costs

People’s Bank does not offer services for international money transfers. They do not have a transfer fee or other costs that come with that money transfer.

How Do People’s Bank Transfer Fees Compare to Using a Money Transfer Provider?

Customers of People’s Bank who have to transfer money overseas need to use a money transfer provider that has a wide range of countries for choices and transparent fees. Wise can help these customers make these types of one-time or recurring transactions. Transferring money with Wise is straightforward, transparent, and easy.

The transfer fees of Wise depend on a given flat rate, market rates, location and currency of the recipient account, and the total amount sent. The higher the total amount sent, the higher the transfer fees. Wise do not have additional fees after the initial calculation. They also send money to over a hundred countries around the world, making it a safe choice for more overseas remittances that customers might need.

Customers may want to find a different money transfer provider if they are planning to send huge amounts of money because of the high transfer fees. Other than that, Wise is a good choice for one-time transactions that can reach different countries.

People’s Bank Pros and Cons

Interested customers of People’s Bank may want to weigh different aspects of the bank before participation. Here are some salient pros and cons:


Built for the needs of Oregon residents - People’s Bank was built for Oregon residents and its community. Their banking products, such as checking accounts and offered loans, are localized to fit the needs of Oregon residents.
Sharing of product details - When customers visit the website of People’s Bank, they can browse the whole sitemap to determine what type of product they are interested in without needing any assistance before account opening. All of the comparison tables and rates are accessible to those interested in exploring the bank.


Account opening - Accounts can be opened with People’s Bank through their website. However, customers can accomplish the forms if they meet the requirements, which includes having a mailing address in Oregon and a social security number. This means that customers still need to pay Oregon a visit to open an account to make sure they are eligible for account opening.

Opening an Account

Account opening with the People’s bank is done through their website by filling out an online form. The form includes the requirements asked of incoming customers. Some of these documents include social security number, mailing address, driver’s license number, and employer name or occupation.

Once all of the documents are verified and the form is filled, an account is opened with People’s Bank.

Transferring Money

People’s Bank offers two basic options for money transfers in personal banking. First, they offer the option of fund transfer. Transfers done with fund transfer may take 3-4 days to process and reflect to a recipient’s bank account. There is no limit to the number of fund transfers a customer can make as long as it follows the terms and conditions of the account they availed.

Second, they offer Person to Person (P2P) banking for money transfers. This only requires the debit card information of their recipient to accomplish the transfer. This transfer can be reflected in real-time. P2P service is limited to 3 transactions per day, 21 transactions in 7 days, and 100 transactions per month.

Both options can be accessed via the People’s Mobile Banking or via desktop through logging into their online accounts.

Additional Information

People’s Bank offers more financial products for their customers. On top of their savings and checking accounts, they also offer home loans and other loans. Customers can avail mortgage rates, recreational vehicle, auto loans, consumer loans, and boat loans. Different loans are also offered for business banking customers, especially to help them during economic downturns. For example, People’s Bank helps small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which defers loans for 10 months.

People’s Bank shows their participation in the community by sharing security and crisis management pointers in their website. This was made to help their customers to navigate through unexpected events to pacify its negative effects.

Customer Service Details for Users of People’s Bank

Customers can contact People’s Bank through their hotline 866.454.4735 for any concerns. This is only available during business hours.

An online form is made available to customers to fill out to file a complaint or raise a concern. This option requires customers to share personal details, such as email address and address.

The People’s Mobile Banking app can also be used to contact the bank. The app also shows the different branch locations and its business hours in case customers need physical assistance with their banking concerns.

Can I Use People’s Bank for International Bank Transfers?

No. People’s Bank does not endorse or offer any service for international bank transfers. They also do not have their own currency exchange rates.


Since the creation of the People’s Bank, they have made it their mission to fulfil the needs of Oregon residents. All of their banking products, such as current and savings accounts, loans, and debit cards, are made to make the local banking experience improve. Small businesses are also assisted when they choose to bank with People’s Bank. With the recent merger of People’s Bank with Willamette Community Bank, they can expand more of their services to help the state of Oregon and their economic activity for the years to come.

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