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Mettle is an app offered by NatWest for business customers to help them manage their money. The mission statement is to allow regular people to start a new business without fear that the finances will spiral out of control.

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About Mettle Bank

Mettle was founded on November 5th 2018. The founders are Charles Wood and Racheal Booth. They offer a business account from Prepay Solutions, who are an electronic money institution and have Financial Conduct Authority approval.

Can I use Mettle for international bank transfers?

Currently, Mettle does not offer international incoming or outgoing transfers. You will need to use alternatives like Neteller and Western Union to transfer money internationally. There are many money transfer services to choose from to complete transfers.

How long do transfers take with Mettle Bank?

Transfers with most challenger banks take around 1-5 business days. To increase transfer speeds from instant to 24 hours, you need to go with a money transfer service.

Are there transfer limits?

Transfer limits are typically around 10,000GBP per transfer for most challenger banks.

Can I use a Mettle debit card when traveling abroad?

You can open a Mettle debit card if you have a NatWest bank account. When traveling abroad, you will not face fees by Mettle for using the card. However, you may get charged by the ATM providers.

Mettle Bank exchange rates and fees

Exchange rate: the exchange rates of challenger banks like Mettle are typically more expensive than money transfer services. Therefore, to get a better deal check out alternatives like Currencies Direct and PaySend.

Transfer fees: you cannot transfer money with a Mettle account so the transfer fees are not applicable.

Additional fees: Mettle is marketed as a free app to provide support. Therefore, you will not get charged for transactions or opening an account.

How do Mettle Bank transfer fees compare to using a money transfer provider?

Choosing to go with a money transfer provider over challenger banks is a smart choice. They offer faster transfer speeds and much lower fees. Most money transfer services charge a fixed small sum or a fraction of a percentage. Therefore, you can send money across borders without dealing with the high fees that traditional banks charge.

Mettle bank pros and cons

Take a look at our Mettle pros and cons to figure out if it’s the right for you:


Ideal for business owners: Mettle is a good choice for people that want to start a business.
Card: use the debit card aboard without fees from Mettle.
Invoices: you can use the app to create, track and send invoices.
Support: you will have access to an agent to support your business activity.


No international transfers: Mettle has no functionality to allow users to send or receive money.
Payment limit: the daily payment limit is 10,000GBP.
Protection: deposits of up to 85,000 are not covered by the FSCS.

Additional products

Here is a list of additional products that you can enjoy with Mettle:

  • Accounting apps: you can merge account software such as FreeAgent and Xero with Mettle.

  • Card management: the app allows you to lock the card if you suspect it has been compromised.

  • Reporting: use the reporting features to view business transactions and categorize them.

  • Invoicing: send invoices to customers with customization. You can view if they have been paid using the app.


Mettle is a good choice for business customers that want to manage operations. You can use the app based platform for reporting, invoicing and accounting. However, there is no function to send or receive money internationally using Mettle.

Therefore, you will need to use alternatives like TorFX and WorldRemit. They offer fast international money transfers in a wide range of currencies. Also, the fees are low so you’ll get a good deal with most services.

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