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The leading line for Nimbl helping your kids learn money skills for life. Nimbl offers you and your kids a pocket money card and an app.Nimbl was formed in 2015 by ParentPay. The founder of this for-profit company is Lynne Taylor. ParentPay is a software company that provides online payment systems. Funding for this entity is via private equity.

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About Nimbl

Kids between 6-18 years get a prepaid master card to manage funds while their parents can easily supervise. Overall, the service seems to gain acceptance from the general public. In 2021, Nimbl won the nomination to the British Bank Awards as the "Best Childrens' Financial Service Provder'.

Reviews from reputable sites show that customers generally trust this service. On Trustpilot, 810 users rate the service as excellent. On the app store, customers also agree that the app is good. The support team also responds to queries raised by customers on the app store.

Can I use Nimbl for International Bank transfers?

Nimbl does not offer international bank transfers. However, the team at Nimbl suggests that they will add this feature in the future.

Being a prepaid debit Mastercard and smartphone app, Nimbl does not offer traditional bank offerings. It is primarily a fintech card product that works in the UK.

However, customers can round up from major banking institutions in the UK like HSBC and Monzo.

Sending money abroad from the UK is fast and easy. Some of the more seasoned companies like World Remit and XE facilitate remittances seamlessly.

Are there transfer limits?

The card does not offer any remittances from the UK. The card only allows for instant top-up from bank accounts within the UK.

Customers who wish to send money from the UK with a higher threshold can use remittance services like XE.

Can I use a Nimbl debit card when travelling abroad?

Are the kids travelling abroad? With a Nimbl debit Mastercard, you can transact globally. In addition, your kids can easily withdraw from cash machines anywhere there is a Mastercard logo.

Every cash withdrawal attracts a fee of £1.45. Additionally, there is a 2.95% fee for all purchases made abroad.

So, what about the money exchange rate while abroad? Nimbl references the TUI travel money online widget for live exchange rates. Customers can expect a reference rate from this site to apply to any foreign currency they get.

Nimbl Exchange rates and fees

Traditional remittance companies offer rate changes for transfers across the globe. There are some companies that levy charges for these services. Apart from revenue, the tariffs are designed to cover the cost of sending the transaction via the various partner companies.

Exchange rates for the Nimbl debit card only apply if customers wish to use foreign currency. This mostly happens when customers travel abroad. The rate change applied is referenced from the TUI travel money site.

The only additional charge to note with Nimbl is the 2.95% charged off purchases. The fees apply during overseas travel.

How do Nimbl transfer fees compare to using a money transfer provider?

Nimbl does not offer international money remittance. However, there are money transfer companies in the UK that provide outstanding services.

For instance, UK-USA is a significant money transfer corridor. Companies like XE do not charge any transfer fees at all. Despite the charges being free, the level of service does not falter. Crediting bank accounts takes not more than 2 hours.

Nimbl pros and cons

Nimbl is not your traditional money transfer company. The core services are targeted towards kids below 18. Consequently, there are some upsides and drawbacks when Nimbl is viewed from an international money transfer service perspective.


Nimbl offers a debit Mastercard which comes quite handy when travelling abroad. Your kids can withdraw cash from close to 210 countries in 150 currencies.
The card may be helpful if the kids study abroad. Parents can supervise the expenditure and lock the funds from their app.


Nimbl does not offer money transfers outside the UK.
Charges for purchases are 2.95%. Compared to other banks, these fees are high.
The debit card and app are only helpful to kids under 18 years. Parents primarily supervise and load funds for their kids.
Nimbl charges £2.49 per month for the use of the card and app.

Nimbl Additional Products

Apart from money management for the kids, customers get to enjoy some more features. Some of these include:

  1. Micro-savings – This feature allows children to save automatically. Amounts vary between 5p and £5.

  2. Digital Pocket Money – The automation of weekly and monthly pocket money.

  3. Gifting – This feature enables family and friends to transfer money to the kids' nimbl cards.


Nimbl comes with an app and a debit card. The service is primarily designed to assist children in getting comfortable with money management. The service is restricted to the UK. International money transfer is not part of the services offered by this company. Nimbl customers can send money abroad and receive money using a plethora of exceptional companies available in the UK.

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