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BB&T Bank International Transfers & Exchange Rates
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Published On:
November, 22 2022
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March, 20 2023

BB&T Bank International Transfers & Exchange Rates

Branch Banking and Trust Co. (BB&T Bank), based in North Carolina, is an FDIC-insured bank. It has a good customer service reputation and offers a variety of deposit account alternatives.

About BB&T Bank

The bank merged with SunTrust to form Truist, although the two brands continue to provide different products for the time being.

BB&T Bank is one of the country's major financial services companies. It has over 2,900 locations across 18 states. It began as a tiny bank in 1872 and today has a market capitalization of more than $230 billion. In select Midwest, South, and East Coast states, BB&T offers an accessible, one-stop-shop alternative for consumers seeking for a banking institution.

BB&T Bank Exchange Rates and Fees

Exchange Rate

On its website, BB&T provides a daily list of foreign currency rates, as well as the opportunity to subscribe to a mailing list for daily foreign exchange rate updates. If BB&T is performing the conversion, you may compare its rates to the mid-market rate using an online currency converter.

Before you start sending money, double-check with BB&T customer service to see if your account is approved for international wire transfers.

Transfer Fees

Every bank handles transfers in its own unique way, with its own set of procedures, regulations, and charges. If you're a BB&T client, here are some of itstransfer fees (may be changed periodically).

  • $15.00 for a domestic wire transfer

  • $30.00 international wire transfer

  • $8.00 for a returned domestic wire transfer

  • $18.00 for a returned international wire transfer

Additional Costs

Other costs may apply to international transfers, particularly if you need to recall or trace a transfer. Here are some of BB&T's extra charges:

  • Stopping international payments costs $30 each transaction.

  • Changing an international payment costs $20 per transfer.

  • Recall of a foreign payment costs $30 per transaction

  • Tracing an overseas payment costs $20 per transaction.

“You shall be responsible for paying any and all costs levied by our correspondent banks, intermediary banks, and payment agents for conducting or forwarding an international wire transfer from BB&T, some, if not all, of which may be deducted from the wire transfer proceeds,” according to BB&T.

How Do BB&T Bank Transfer Fees Compare to Using a Money Transfer Provider?

The fees charged by BB&T appear to be higher than those offered by private money transfer providers. However, if the fees alone aren't compelling enough to explore an alternative, consider the exchange rate mark-up, which pegs at 4-6%difference. There are usually 1-3 intermediary and recipient banks that levy fees as well.

BB&T Bank Pros and Cons

Whether you're a seasoned banker or just getting started, everyone's financial needs, means, and capabilities are different, so consider the following advantages and disadvantages.


• Low minimum deposit. Customers can create a checking or savings account with a required minimum deposit of $100 or less, in addition to the premium accounts.
• No monthly fees required. In today's low-interest-rate climate, it's critical to have a savings account that doesn't have monthly costs that negate the money you receive.
• Variety possibilities with CDs. Customers can use a regular CD, take advantage of promotional pricing, rate adjustments, or lock in guaranteed yearly rate rises.


• Less competitive deposit interest. BB&T Bank offers tiered pricing on several of its deposit products, but its interest rates are not comparable with those offered by rival banks.
• Limited branches. The bank is expanding its footprint through acquisitions, but there are no branches west of Texas.
• Some rate data not available on the website. Not all information about account choices and interest rates is available online or through customer service.

How to Open an Account and Transfer Money With BB&T Bank

It's easy to sign up for a BB&T account. Getting yourself ready should be a quick procedure as long as you have some basic personal information and know what type of account is best for you.

Opening an Account

To open a BB&T account, follow these three steps.

Step 1: Identify the Type of Bank Account You Want to Open
Step 2: Gather Your Personal Details
Step 3: Apply in Person or Online

Transferring money

Using its Outside Transfer Service, you can transfer funds between certain BB&T accounts and your eligible accounts at another financial institution from the “Payments & Transfers” menu. Fees may apply, and this feature is not available to all BB&T clients.

Additional Information

Truist is a new bank that arose from BB&T's acquisition of SunTrust's assets. On December 6, 2019, the two banks finalized their merger. Truist stated at the merger announcement that the transition to the "full Truist experience" will take place over the following two years.

For the time being, separate BB&T and SunTrust branches are still open. To establish or maintain an account, one must go to a BB&T or SunTrust branch or online. Truist depositors, on the other hand, may now use BB&T or SunTrust ATMs without paying out-of-network fees.

Customer Service Details for Users of BB&T Bank

In the future, you may have questions or concerns regarding your account. It's simple to get in touch with BB&T's customer service department. You may get support by calling (800) BANK BBT — or (800) 226-5228 — or logging into your account and sending secure direct messages. Of course, going to the nearest BB&T branch is also an option.

Can I Use BB&T Bank for International Bank Transfers?

Yes. You can send foreign currency wire transfers from CashManager OnLine, Corporate Call or at any BB&T branch.


BB&T Bankoffers the majority of account types that a client could want, but its interest rates are not comparable with those offered by other banks. However, the bank does provide a variety of checking account alternatives to suit your requirements and budget. It would be a good primary bank for day-to-day banking.

Customers seeking high-yield savings, money market, and CD accounts should explore elsewhere. Although BB&T Bank offers tiered pricing for greater deposit amounts, the interest rates are significantly lower than the competitors. It is a viable option if you live in one of the states where BB&T Bank is situated. Its options are satisfactory as long as you select an account for which you can fulfil the minimal requirements to avoid the monthly charge. If you discover that BB&T fits into your life and offers competitive interest rates, then you may not hesitateto make it your personal bank.

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