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Alpha Bank International Transfers & Exchange Rates
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November, 22 2022
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March, 17 2023

Alpha Bank International Transfers & Exchange Rates

Alpha Bank was founded in 1879 by J.F. Costopoulos and, 150 years later, it is the second largest bank in Greece by total assets. With headquarters in Athens, Alpha Bank also operates an office in London's financial district. In this review we will be assessing the reliability, speed, and cost-effectiveness of Alpha Bank's international money transfer services.

About Alpha Bank

The bank was founded in 1879 and is currently one of the largest banks in Greece. It also boasts of having one of the highest capital adequacy ratios in Europe.

The Alpha Bank Group is owned by Alpha Services and Holdings SA. The holding company is listed on the Athens stock exchange and owns 100% shares of Alpha Bank.

The Bank has a tangible book value of €7.7 billion with a total capital ratio of 18.4%. The bank also has a presence in Cyprus, Luxembourg, and Romania.

Can I Use Alpha Bank for International Bank Transfers?

Yes. The payment mechanism for charges for fund transfers to accounts kept with banks outside of the countryis SHA, which means that the sender pays Alpha Bank's costs and the beneficiary pays the receiving bank's charges. The amount credited to the beneficiary's account may be reduced by the charges incurred by the correspondent banks that act as intermediaries for the transfer of the amount to the recipient bank if the recipient bank is not in the EU or if it is in the EU but the currency of the transfer is not Euro.

Alpha Bank Exchange Rates and Fees

The bank updates its exchange rate daily. There’s also a schedule of fees depending on the type of transaction.

Fees and exchange rates greatly influence the cost of international transfers. Let’s examine how much you’d incur sending and receiving transactions using Alpha Bank international transfers.

Exchange Rate

Alpha Bank exchange rates apply to transactions up to $15,000. The margin for the buy and sell rate is slightly above 6%, which is considerably higher. In comparison, currency brokers typically offer margin rates below 2%.

Exchange rates for Alpha bank are higher than leading money transfer service providers. XE and Worldremit, for instance, offer their customers mid-market rates or just slightly above the mid-market rate.

Transfer Fees

The bank periodically updates its charges catalog, and we recommend checking the costs before carrying out an international transfer. Alpha Bank money transfer fees will vary depending on who bears the transaction cost.

The transfer fees apply as follows:

AmountInternational Transfer Fees
Up to $1,020$8.16
$1,020 -$5,102$13.27
$51,022+0.1% of the amount up to $510

International wire transfer fee towards the EU and European Economic Area (EEA), including Cyprus:

Additional Costs

A handling fee is charged for transactions above $1,020. Urgent transactions will also have an additional fee.

The bank also charges incoming money transfers. The fee ranges from $10 for transactions below $50,000 and $22 for transactions above this threshold.

Incoming transfers in Euro through other correspondent banks also experience charges. Additional charges also apply for funds in USD and GBP.

How Do Alpha Bank Transfer Fees Compare to Using a Money Transfer Provider?

Alpha Bank's international money transfer fees are significantly higher than Greece's leading money transfer providers.

Here is a snapshot of the fees for a transfer to select countries. The send amount is $100, and the delivery method is bank transfer.

Send Money ToAlpha Bank CostMoney Transfer Provider Cost

International money transfers from Alpha Bank may take longer than transfers from a private currency exchange provider, and you must have an Alpha Bank account to use their services. When moving money abroad into another currency, Alpha Bank may impose a fixed rate commission fee, and bank transfer commission rates vary based on the amount you need to transfer. Over a value of £5000, private brokers provide commission-free currency transfers (or 5,000 EUR).

Alpha Bank Pros and Cons

With Alpha Bank's growing virtual presence, itcontinuesto provide consumers with clear benefits. However, drawbacks are likewise inevitable.


Comprehensive Loyalty Program. With Alpha Bank Bonus cards, you may earn rewards on every transaction by using your card to make all of your transactions, big or small, in Greece, abroad, or on the internet.
Competitive deposit rates and benefits. With Alpha Life Term Deposit, you can avail its unique solution that combines the advantages of a term deposit with the protection of personal insurance. Alpha Bank deposit accounts cater to all needs while also providing competitive deposit rates and benefits.
Easy to access e-Banking services. You can get a comprehensive view of your products and complete transactions quickly and securely using your computer and myAlpha Web, your smartphone screen and the myAlpha Mobile app, or myAlpha Phone.
Reputable and trusted with over 200 branches where customers can send and receive cash.


Less competitive exchange rates and fees. With the advent of specialist brokers offering very low rates and fees, Alpha Bank is less competitive in terms of exchange rates and fees, which is a common issue with other established banks.
Less flexible transactions. A good number of customers suggested that Alpha Bank should not only be concerned about getting to know its clients and their money when they meet with a banker in person.
Less flexible customer service. According to customer evaluations, Alpha Bank has less appealing discretion when it comes to altering the conditions of your account if your personal circumstances change, or when it comes to reversing an obligatory fee or service charge.

Alpha Bank SWIFT Codes

Banks all around the world partake in the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) network, which identifies different financial institutions through a system of unique bank codes. Here we provide a list of SWIFT codes for X Bank, organised by geographical locations.

Alpha Bank AlbaniaAlbaniaTirana
Alpha Investment Management Pty LtdAustraliaMelbourne
Alpha Bank Bulgaria BranchBulgariaSofia
Alpha Capital IncCanadaMontreal
Alpha Bank Cyprus LimitedCyprusLarnaca
Alpha Bank Cyprus LimitedCyprusLimassol Lemesos
Alpha Bank Cyprus LimitedCyprusNicosia Lefkosia
Alpha Bank Cyprus LimitedCyprusPaphos
Alpha Gen SasFranceNeuilly Sur Seine
New Alpha AmFranceParis
Alpha Bank AeGreeceAthens
Alpha Bank Ae Former Emporiki Bank Of Greece SaGreeceAthens
Alpha Finance Brokerage Investment Services SaGreeceAthens
Alpha Private Investment ServicesGreeceAthens
Alpha Trust Investment Services SaGreeceKifisia
Alpha Bank Ae Former Emporiki Bank Of Greece SaGreecePiraeus
Alpha Securities Company LimitedHong KongHong Kong
Alpha Bank Jersey LimitedJerseySt Helier
Alpha Wealth Management Luxembourg SaLuxembourgLuxembourg
Alpha Bank Ad SkopjeMacedoniaSkopje
Alpha Securities CorpPhilippinesManila
Alpha Bank Romania SaRomaniaBucharest
Alpha Finance Romania SaRomaniaBucharest
Alpha Bank Srbija AdSerbiaBeograd
Mediolanium Alpha Plus FiSpainBarcelona
Alpha Rheintal Bank AgSwitzerlandHeerbrugg
Alpha Investment Management LimitedUnited KingdomKingston Upon Thames
Alpha Bank Ae London BranchUnited KingdomLondon
Alpha Bank London LimitedUnited KingdomLondon
Alpha Brokers Metals LimitedUnited KingdomLondon
Alpha Investment Management Uk LimitedUnited KingdomLondon
Alpha Value Management Uk LtdUnited KingdomLondon
Indium Software IncUsaAlpharetta Ga
Alphametrix 360 LlcUsaChicago Il
Alpha Capital Management IncUsaDetroit Mi
Alpha Partners LlcUsaDetroit Mi
Alpha Finance Us CorporationUsaNew York Ny
Alpha Windward LlcUsaWestwood Ma

How to Open an Account and Transfer Money With Alpha Bank

You can open an account by visiting a branch or using digital channels (mobile app and the e-banking system). Let’s explore how you can open an account using the mobile app.

Opening an Account

Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Sign up for the myAlpha mobile app.

  • Step 2: Take a photo of your ID or passport and a photo of your face. Start a video call with the bank’s agent.

  • Step 3: Upload your income tax slip.

  • Step 4: Accept the terms.

Transferring money internationally with Alpha Bank

Wondering how to transfer internationally with Alpha Bank? Here are the steps to follow using the e-banking app(myAlpha web).

  • Step 1: Log in to the app and select ‘Transfers and Payments’

  • Step 2: In the Quick transaction section, enter the mandatory transaction details such as IBAN, BIC, beneficiary details, currency details, etc.

  • Step 3: Select the transaction execution speed

  • Step 4: Confirm and approve the transaction.

What Customer Support Options Are Available?

Alpha Bank provides several customer channels to reach them. Here are some you can use.

Support TypeY/NDetails
Email SupportYContact form
Telephone SupportY+30 201 326 0000
Chat SupportNNo chat feature
In-Branch SupportYFind the nearest branch here.

Customer Service Details for Users of Alpha Bank

You can reach Alpha Bank's Customer Service at +30 210 326 0000 (depending on the service) or Merchants Customer Service at +30 210 630 3000.

You can also contact its allied services such as: Alpha Astika Akinita at +30 210 326 3929; AXA Insurance A.E. Company at +30 210 726 8000; Alpha Leasing at +30 210 336 7900; AlphaTrade at +30 210 336 7900; and Alpha Mutual Funds at +30 210 374 2800.


Alpha Bank is a financial services company whose mission is to help the Greek economy flourish and society thrive. Retail banking, SMEs and corporate banking, asset management and private banking, insurance distribution, investment banking, brokerage, and real estate management are just some of the high-quality financial goods and services available.

Alpha Bank is one of Greece's major banks, and it aspires to be known as one of the country's most sophisticated digital banks, offering 80% of the total of its products and services through online channels. In fact, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development named Alpha Bank as Greece's "Most Active Issuing Bank in 2018." Alpha Bank’s drawbacks, however, shun away potential clients who prefer faster, easier and cheaper transactions where are offered by private international money transfer providers.

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