St.George International Transfers & Exchange Rates
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November, 24 2022
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March, 23 2023

St.George International Transfers & Exchange Rates

St.George is owned by parent company, Westpac and offers personal, business and corporate banking to the people of Australia. In this review we will be identifying the important factors associated with St.George international money transfers.

About St.George

St.George was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1937, but it was not until 1992 when it officially became a bank. It has acquired and merged itself with various banking institutions throughout the years to widen their reach. Its latest merging with Westpac Banking Corporation, also known as Westpac Group, made them “Australia’s leading financial services organisation with an ‘AA’ credit rating” as cited in their website.

St.George continues to provide exceptional banking service to their customers. They won two awards in 2020: the Outstanding Value Home Lender of the Year for Basic Home Loan with Principal & Interest repayments, and the Outstanding Value Fixed Home Lender for Fixed Rate PAP Home Loan with Principal & Interest repayments.

St.George Exchange Rates and Fees

Exchange Rate

As of September 01, 2021, St.George has an exchange rate of 0.7305 USD per 1 AUD (Australian Dollar). St.George clarifies that the exchange rates they display will be different from the live market rates, and should not be relied on as the actual exchange rate.

Transfer Fees

St.George uses two payment policies for international money transfers. A 10 USD transfer fee is charged to a customer for international transfers in foreign currencies. A 20 USD transfer fee is charged to a customer for international transfers to an overseas account in Australian Dollars.

Additional Costs

St.George does not charge additional costs for their international money transfers. They clarify that the additional costs that might happen during international money transfers may come from the recipient bank. These costs may be based on the market rates, or their handling or receiving fees.

How Do St.George Transfer Fees Compare to Using a Money Transfer Provider?

St.George simple pricing policies and fixed transfer fees might be preferable for many customers who need to do international money transfers. However, some customers might find it displeasing to pay for unexpected fees from the recipient banks, which is part of the money transfer experience when using St.George. Wise offers customers transparent fees that can be calculated on their website. Customers who like to have more predictability with the fees may prefer to use Wise over St.George for international money transfers.

Wise calculates the transfer fees of a customer based on a flat rate, transfer method, location and currency of the recipient account, and the total amount. For example, a 1,000 AUD converts to a 727.38 USD, with a 5.84 AUD transfer fee. However, a 10,000 AUD converts to a 7,280.74, with a 46.16 AUD transfer fee. Because of this, customers might prefer small time transfers with Wise, but larger transfers with St.George.

St.George Pros and Cons

Customers interested in banking with St.George can use these pros and cons to weigh their options:


Powerful App - All of the day-to-day banking needs of St.George customers can be done through the app. Transferring money, tracking expenses, setting up recurring payments can all be done through their app.
Cardless cash - This is also a function in their app that can be a huge advantage for many customers. With this function, customers can enter their withdrawal details prior to their arrival at the ATM and just claim it when they arrive.


Account opening - St.George accounts can only be accomplished within Australia, and a full remote account opening is not possible. Customers still need to visit a branch to show their documents and accomplish their account opening.
Money transfer processing times - St. George has no real-time money transfers available for their customers. All of the money transfers, local or overseas, at least takes 1 business day to start its processing time.
Activation of international money transfer - Customers might first apply and mail a form to St.George before they can access the international money transfer option on the app. This takes up to 2 business days to process.

St.George Bank Swift Codes

St Georges BankPanamaPanama

Opening an Account

Customers can start their account opening online or through the St.George’s app. The bank estimates that customers will only take 5-10 minutes to accomplish their account opening forms if all of their information is readily available to them. Calling St.George and visiting one of their branches is required to complete their account opening. Customers must bring their documents on their visit. St.George provides a checklist of their required documents on their website.

Transferring Money

St.George provides customers the option to transfer money via their website or their app. For money transfers done within Australia, customers must provide a BSB number, account number, and an account name to accomplish the transfer. The amount will be reflected within 1-2 business days.

Before customers can use the option of international money transfers, they must first complete St.George’s “Internet Banking - Request to Authorise/Cancel Overseas Telegraphic Transfer Access” form. This must be filled out and mailed to St.George. This takes two working days to process once it arrives. When approved, customers can now use the overseas money transfer option of the app.

St.George does not share on their website the details needed to accomplish an international money transfer. They ask their customers to wait for 1-3 business days or longer before expecting their money transfer to arrive to a recipient account.

St.George can also accommodate money transfers on their branches. Other than stating that they have higher fees for money transfers done on their branches, no other information about money transfers done with their branches.

Additional Information

St.George offers investments, insurances, personal loans, and credit cards for personal banking. They also include international and travel money options to their customers through their money card that allows them to convert money to the currency they desire before travel.

St.George also offers services for business banking and corporate businesses. Similar to personal banking, customers interested in business banking can avail different accounts, cards, loans, insurances, and investments with the help of St.George. Corporate businesses can avail St.George’s services for economic reports, industry specialists, and international solutions to help their growth.

Customer Service Details for Users of St.George

Customers can reach St.George through their general enquiry hotline 13 33 30. St.George offers more hotlines for business enquiries or stolen cards issues.

Customers can also fill out a secure feedback form from their website to file a complaint to any of their services.

Customers can go through their app and use the contact function to reach St.George. Using the app can connect customers to a live agent without going through giving details because their call will be associated with their online account.

Customers can visit the social media pages of St.George in Facebook and Twitter where they can have their questions answered from 7 AM to 10 PM AEST.

Can I Use St.George for International Bank Transfers?

Yes. St.George offers services for international bank transfers. Aside from visiting their branch as an option, customers can use their website or app to log in into their accounts and make money transfers. Customers must first complete and mail the “Internet Banking - Request to Authorise/Cancel Overseas Telegraphic Transfer Access” form to be granted access to using international bank transfers.

International bank transfers with St.George take 1-3 business days or longer to process and a cumulative 50,000 AUD daily transfer limit is imposed.


St.George offers various services to their customers to cater their day-to-day banking needs. They offer options in accounts, cards, insurance, investments, loans, and international travel. Their app provides ease and mobility that allow their customers to transact based on their convenience. They open various customer service outlets to resolve the issues of customers. Customers interested in business banking and corporate business can also avail the services of St.George with industry specialists and economic reports.

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