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With its mission to offer gold as a reliable form of money, Glint runs the world’s first gold-based savings and payments digital platform while offering multi-currency capabilities.

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United Kingdom

About Glint

Its clients can buy, save, share, and spend in US dollars, euros, Great Britain pounds, and gold currencies that link to the Glint Mastercard network.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorized Glint as an Electronic Money Institution. However, FCA does not regulate gold, which Glint secures in a Brinks Vault in Switzerland.

Can I use Glint for international bank transfers?

Yes, but first, you need to add Glint as an external account to your bank so you can add funds to your Glint account. You may check the FAQ Section on Glint's website for instructions.

Download Glintpay, Glint's app, from the AppStore or Google Play. Using the app, you can buy gold, and once you have enough gold in your account, you can transfer the required amount to a bank account or through the registered e-mail address of another Glintpay user.

When you choose the amount of gold to transfer, the app will show you its equivalent amount in the desired currency. It will also allow you to type in a message for the recipient.

Glint is available in the UK, Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), and the US.

How long do transfers take with Glint?

The transfer is completed immediately – in seconds, as their website claims.

Are there transfer limits?

Glint does not set transfer limits except for the following:

  • Load/Top-Up Debit Card $3000 daily £2,000 daily

  • ATM Withdrawal $300 daily £300 daily

  • Point of Sale $5000 daily £5000 daily

Note: Limits expressed in dollar units apply to Glint users in the US, while those expressed in £ are for users in UK and SEPA.

Can I use a Glint debit card when traveling abroad?

Yes. You can use your Glint debit card and spend it in more than 150 currencies at over 30 million locations around the world. Look for the Mastercard logo.

Glint Exchange rates and fees

Exchange rates are based on real-time rates, so you need not worry about the exchange rate margin, usually among the hidden costs.

Transfer rate

Bank transfer is free of charge, making Glint's international transfer among transfer services with the lowest rate.

Additional costs

There are no hidden fees when you use Glint – everything is transparent. However, regardless of the amount you spend, you will be charged a reasonable foreign exchange fee of 0.5% of the transaction value. The same rate applies when you purchase gold.

Topping up is free, but you must use a debit card for such transactions. Top-up is not allowed via credit card.

Point of sale transactions are also free of charge, but ATM withdrawals come with a withdrawal cost of £1.50.

Bank transfers are also free. However, some US banks apply a fee other than those specified in the Glint fee structure. Although such fees are beyond Glint’s control, Glint is working with these banks to remove the fee. Meanwhile, If you are charged an “international fee,” Glint suggests you contact your bank.

How do Glint transfer fees compare to using a money transfer provider?

With no transfer fee and exchange rate margin and the exchange rate based on real-time rates, it would have been easy to say that Glint's transfer fees are better. However, when you buy gold to top up your account and ensure that you have enough money to transfer, you will be paying a gold exchange rate of 0.5% of the transaction value.

Although Glint has one of the lowest transfer fees, you might still want to compare the actual transfer fee with that of trusted money transfer providers.

Glint pros and cons

Glint has its advantages and disadvantages.


Glint’s innovative payment technology makes use of a secure micro-services architecture that enables gold the use of gold as a form of payment.
Glint It! rejects any withdrawals that will go to a bank account not in your name. A verification process will be done to ensure that the bank account is really yours.
A Glint account can be linked to euro, pound, dollar, and gold, making it easy for the client to pay for their purchases even when abroad.
A Client Services team is available to assist clients who want their accounts blocked, need to reactivate their PINs, want to know why their cards were declined, notify them of unrecognized transactions, forgot their e-mails, dispute a transaction.


Glint clients cannot top-up using their credit cards.
Balance checks are not allowed through ATMs. Clients can only do so via the app.


Glint may not have been the first to re-introduce gold as money, but Glint is the first digital platform to offer gold-based savings and payments in multi-currency.

Glint has positioned itself as a reliable and independent challenger bank, using innovative and secure technology and offering reasonably- priced services. It offers transparency and security while giving its clients control over their accounts. With the simplicity of the app and the varied features it has, it looks like Glint is living up to its promise.

Its fee structure, one of the lowest in the industry, also conveys Glint’s effort towards making its services affordable to its clients.

The pros of using Glint outweigh its cons, which are not as crucial as security and economy. Although no one can discount the value of these disadvantages, these cons can be quickly resolved.

With Glint continuously upgrading its services to offer more convenience and security, these disadvantages may soon be things of the past.

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Keith Hodges
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