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Pleo, a Danish FinTech startup with headquarters in the UK, was founded in 2015 with the goal of alleviating the problems associated with business spending. In a word, the company accomplishes this through its cutting-edge app-based expenditure management software. With the click of a button, you can streamline your company's spending, with everything reconciled as soon as an employee snaps a photo of the receipt.

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United Kingdom

About Pleo

Pleo is currently available in Denmark, Ireland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Germany.

Can I use Pleo for international bank transfers?

Yes. Since Pleo is not a bank, it simply connects your Pleo account to your business bank account so you can transfer funds as needed. It is totally free of charge via bank transfers.

How long do transfers take with Pleo?

Pleo’s website does not mention on how long transfers would take. Presumably, money transfers depend on the bank you are using.

Are there transfer limits?

The Pleo website makes no mention of transfer limits. Rather, it simply mentions spending limits. Pleo allows you to set two types of spending limits:

  • Monthly/Total spending restrictions set a limit on how much a user can spend in a given month. This is a "soft limit," which means that if the previous transaction's amount is less than this limit, the next transaction will proceed even if it exceeds it.

  • Limits per purchase, as the name implies, are used to put a limit on a single transaction. Any transaction(s) above this limit will be automatically refused.

Can I use a Pleo debit card when traveling abroad?

Yes. Pleo is accepted by over 30 million merchants worldwide, wherever Mastercard is accepted. When traveling for work, use the card as usual. When utilizing ATMs or services in foreign currencies, there may be additional fees.

Purchases made in another currency will be reflected in that currency. This amount is automatically changed to the currency of the Pleo-enabled company. The converted money is debited from the Pleo wallet of the company.

MobilePay is compatible with both conventional and virtual cards. Give your card(s) a name and link them with the MobilePay App. To submit, take a photo of your receipt and send it to the Pleo App.

Pleo Exchange rates and fees

The appropriate foreign exchange fee for your Pleo card can be found in the relevant Terms and Conditions, which can be found at

Exchange rate

When making international purchases, keep in mind the exchange rate at the time of purchase. Pleo utilizes the MasterCard exchange rate, which you can check here.

You can also check the European Banking Authority's exchange rate here for your personal reference.

Transfer fees

If you choose to top up your Pleo account via bank transfer, it is free. If you choose to load using a debit or credit card, you will be charged 2% or 2.5% of the total amount transferred, accordingly.

Additional costs

There are a number of fees associated with your Pleo account in addition to the subscription, including:

  • Any cards you add after creating your account will incur a £10 fee. The first card you receive is completely free

  • You'll have to pay £2.50 for replacement cards

  • Withdrawals from the UK and abroad cost £4 apiece. Transactions and balance inquiries are both free of charge

  • A 2% fee is applied to international transactions

  • Refunds to customers will set you back £25

How do Pleo transfer fees compare to using a money transfer provider?

There is no other money transfer provider that offers free transfers in the same way that Pleo does if you top up your Pleo account with a bank transfer.

Pleo pros and cons


Excellent connectivity from payment to expense accounting.
Individuals deal with the admin for their costs item by item, snapping receipts with their phone app (or via internet) - it's simple and saves time and money.
With all of the receipts, the company accountant can effortlessly download all of the information they require at the end of the month.
Admin users can control risk by setting monthly or total limitations, as well as per-item limits. If a user thinks they've misplaced their card and then discovers it, admin users can freeze and unfreeze it.
An easy way to keep track of your costs and manage your company's finances.


Majority of the spending falls into one category, and while you may create subcategories, you can't currently analyze spending against those subcategories.
Fees on Withdrawals and International Transactions
The monthly subscription charge is higher than those of other fintech apps.

Pleo Additional Products

  • Fetch. It matches the receipt with the Pleo expense in your Gmail, Outlook, or Microsoft 365 mailbox. Fetch doesn't only look for receipts as they arrive in your inbox. It can detect any missing receipts from the previous year and tell you when they've been found. Pleo does not save your emails, and Fetch only retrieves receipt-containing messages.

  • Pocket. Pleo understands that not all business expenses can be simply covered by a credit card. Other expenses, such as cash, out-of-pocket, and mileage charges, are tracked in Pleo Pocket. Pleo will assist your finance team in settling what is owing after you submit the facts and the amount involved. If employees require reimbursement, Pleo makes that process as simple as possible.

  • Assurance. It adds an extra degree of oversight to your team's spending without the hassle of having to approve each and every expense. Managers can be notified when an expense exceeds a specific threshold, and they can then decide whether or not it is acceptable.


Pleo is a cloud-based service that uses virtual and physical company cards to manage spending and automate expenditure reporting. Small and medium-sized businesses will benefit from the system, which includes a web app for monitoring and tracking spending as well as native Android and iOS apps for receipt collection.

Pleo may generate virtual prepaid Mastercards for online purchases, and staff can be issued actual cards for other spending. Individual employees can have different expenditure limitations established for them, with monthly and total spending limits available. Pleo's web dashboard allows users to rapidly enable and disable cards, as well as view spending in real time.

Pleo encourages consumers to take a photo of their receipt whenever they make a purchase with its native mobile apps in real time. Users can add unique tags and notes to expenses for identification, and purchases are automatically sorted and matched with receipt photographs. Pleo may be integrated with a variety of accounting systems, including Xero, Sage One, and QuickBooks, to provide one-stop shopping for all of your accounting needs.

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