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Boeing Employees’ Credit Union (BECU) International Transfers

As a credit union, BECU is committed to supporting its members’ financial goals through intuitive products and services, grants and scholarships, and education initiatives which are designed to benefit a versatile customer base. This North American financial institution remains true to its commitment of transforming the lives of its members for the better, and we will be investigating if that pledge extends to international transfers.

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About BECU

BECU is a not-for-profit cooperative founded in 1935 by 18 employees of The Boeing Company – the world’s largest aerospace organization – to serve the financial needs of the company

At the time of founding BECU was exclusively available to Boeing employees only, but the credit union has since expanded its membership to those who, according to its website, “live, work, worship, or go to school” in Washington, Idaho or Oregon, as well as those who are members of select credit unions or associations. Membership is free to those who meet the BECU criteria. 

In April 2021, BECU reported over 1 million members across 59 branches, with 27 billion USD in total assets, making it the largest credit union in Washington and the fourth largest in the US

Can I use BECU for international bank transfers? 

Yes, like many other banks and credit unions, BECU offers foreign currency exchange services such as international wire transfer services. The requestor must provide the beneficiary’s full name, phone number, complete address, account type, bank name, and SWIFT code or other bank codes, and the purpose of payment, transfer, or currency exchange transaction. If you are planning an international trip, check with your bank or credit union for their currency exchange services and rates. In this case, BECU website provides further details on the requirements for wire transfers. 

Other ways to send money with BECU

You can send money through BECU’s Online and Mobile Banking services: both enable intrabank transfers – between BECU accounts – as well as external outgoing payments to other banks, credit unions or financial institutions. 

BECU exchange rates and fees

Here we will be assessing the validity and expense of BECU foreign exchange services and transfer fee structure, to get a better understanding of how the credit union compares to specialist providers

BECU foreign currency exchange rates

For international wire transfers, BECU uses Wells Fargo as its intermediary bank, which means typical bank charges will be incurred for foreign currencies. Wells Fargo exchanges the foreign currency using the exchange rate in effect at the time the transaction is processed to US Dollars for example, prior to depositing funds to your BECU account. Currency exchange rates are internal to Wells Fargo and not reflected in currency exchange rate information provided by other sources. Consider checking Wells Fargo’s foreign currency exchange rates before conducting these transactions with BECU. We will explore BECU’s foreign transaction fees below.

BECU Transfer fees

Does BECU charge foreign transaction fees? Yes, BECU charges foreign transaction fees.

Fees for wire transfers with BECU are as follows: 

  • Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer – $25
  • Outgoing International Wire Transfer – $35
  • Incoming Domestic or International Wire Transfer – $0

Additional costs

Although BECU does not charge for incoming wire transfers, the correspondent bank or credit union may charge an exchange fee, depending on the terms of the exchange services. Outgoing international transfers may also incur recipient bank charges and foreign taxes, depending on the policies of the recipient country. 

To get the best foreign exchange rates without paying large fees, you should compare different money transfer options apart from your bank or credit union to know which places to avoid making currency exchanges and be aware of some solid alternatives to keep your options open. Above, we’ve broken down the BECU foreign currency exchange rates so you can have an idea before you get started.

How do BECU transfer fees compare to using a money transfer provider?

The upfront transfer fees charged by the BECU are higher than the majority of money transfer companies. The overall costs incurred for foreign currency transfers are all relative, and if you are sending large amounts of money abroad, $35 may not seem too steep. However, for customers making frequent payments or transfers of mid-size value, this is not a competitive price and can be beaten by almost any specialist provider

Many of the best companies in the remittance industry offer fee-free or minimal fee services for international money transfers, like TorFX, who impose a zero-fee policy for transfers over £2,000.


BECU’s Routing Number, which is called for when arranging domestic wire transfers, is 325081403. 

For international wire transfers, customers will need the BECU routing number and the SWIFT code of its intermediary bank, Wells Fargo: WFBIUS6WFFX.

BECU pros and cons

Listed below are the main advantages and disadvantages of being a BECU member and using credit union’s international services: 

Financial education and guidance: BECU offers financial education to its members in a bid to help them develop skills and attain financial stability
Federal Insurance: BECU is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration so funds deposited with the credit union are insured up to $250,000 USD
Online and mobile services: BECU lets customers manage accounts, pay bills and arrange money transfers via online and mobile platforms
High transfer fees: Ranging between $25 – 35, BECU fees are much more expensive than the average money transfer provider, and will quickly accumulate
Limited physical locations: Generally, credit unions have fewer branches than banks; this can prove inconvenient for those who prefer in-person services
Members only: Unlike commercial banks, BECU products and services are only available to members, making them less accessible than specialist companies such as Wise, Xe and WorldRemit

Answers to key questions about the BECU 

Can I open a BECU account in any country?

No, you have to be a resident of the states of Washington, Oregon or Idaho, as well as qualify for other requirements outlined in BECU’s eligibility rules. 

Does the BECU have an app?

Yes, the BECU mobile app can be downloaded for free from the App Store (4.9 out of 5 stars) or Google Play Store (4.7 stars). The app allows you to manage your money, deposit checks, transfer funds, create and track budgets, review account balances, locate a BECU branch and fee-free ATMs, schedule appointments, check your FICO® credit score and more. 

BECU updates its app based on its user feedback and new features include card manager, User ID retrieval, password reset, and BECU messenger.

Are there transfer limits?

If you are sending foreign currencies, the maximum amount you can send in a single wire transfer is $100,000 USD, or equivalent. The BECU website provides a link to a PDF file which outlines the required details for outgoing wire transfers, including any transfer limits set by the receiving country.

How long do transfers take with the BECU?

Domestic wire transfers take between 1- 3 business days to reach the recipient’s financial institution. International wire transfers can take up to 14 days to be credited to the beneficiary: this is one of the longest delivery windows we have seen.

Can I use a BECU debit card when traveling abroad? 

Yes, you may use the BECU Mastercard debit abroad, and you will have access to over 30,000 free CO-OP Network ATMs. Customers will not be charged a foreign transaction fee by BECU when using an international ATM. 

You may also use your BECU Visa card for cash advances and international purchases without paying a foreign transaction fee. The card offers additional benefits such as travel protection, worldwide automatic travel accident insurance, and travel and emergency assistance services. 

How to send and receive money with the BECU 

Sending money

The BECU offers several options for sending money, depending on your needs, with domestic or international wire transfer services available. 

You will be asked to provide the following information to send money to another individual or a financial institution:

  • Your bank account number
  • The recipient’s name and street address
  • The recipient’s bank name and address
  • For transfers within the US, the recipient bank’s American Bankers Association number (ABA wire routing number)
  • For transfers outside the US, the recipient bank’s SWIFT code or BIC and any other bank identifiers required by the recipient’s country.
  • The BECU’s routing number, 325081403

The BECU website provides links to the forms which detail all instructions for incoming and outgoing wire transfers.

You may also send money through BECU Online Banking or the BECU Mobile App, through Autopay from your BECU account or a non-BECU account, or in person at any BECU branch. 

Receiving money 

If you are to be the recipient of a wire transfer, domestic or international, be sure to give the sender your details, as follows:

  • Your name and street address
  • Your bank’s name and address
  • For a transfer within the US, your bank’s ABA wire routing number 
  • For an international transfer, your bank’s SWIFT code or BIC and any other bank identifiers required by the country where you are receiving the funds..

What customer support options are available?

As a member-oriented institution, BECU works hard to maintain a high standard of customer support, and these options include: 

Support via phone

  • Member Contact Center (the US and Canada): 800-233-2328
  • Business Members: 800-704-8080
  • Telephone Banking (24/7): 800-233-2328
  • Accessibility Assistance:  877-354-7865
  • Toll-free calls from outside the US and Canada: first dial the AT&T Direct Access Number of the country where you are making the call, then enter 800-369-3567 at the prompt

(The BECU website lists countries where this service is available.)

  • For deaf and hard of hearing members using a Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS):  dial 711 to reach an operator who will then connect you with the BECU, toll-free, at 800-233-2328.

Support via mail

  • BECU, P.O. BOX 84707, Seattle, WA 98124

Support online 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Youtube

Does BECU have foreign currency exchange service?

BECU operates within North America only, and therefore only handles US Dollar to Canadian Dollar currency exchange for in-person services: there is no information available on the current rate of exchange for this currency pairing. This limited forex service is only available at two BECU branches: Everett and Tukwila (Washington). 


BECU is an American credit union that exists primarily to support its members in Washington, Oregon and Idaho by providing full-service financial initiatives and solutions. Although there are many beneficial services offered by the credit union, upon further inspection, customers will receive more beneficial exchange rates, fees and network coverage, when opting for a specialist company. Further to this, BECU anticipates transfer speeds of up to 14 days for international payments; this is almost 14 times slower than instant services offered by companies such as Wise or InstaRem. If you wish to explore your money transfer options, consult our comparison engine today.

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