Best ways to send money to the UK from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME]

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Sending money from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME]

Australia used to be a British colony, and as a result, it has many common values and shared heritage with the United Kingdom. It's not a surprise that many people born in the UK now live in Australia. If you are among them and want to send money back home, here's what you should know about transferring funds from Australia to the UK.

How do I send money from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME]?
What details do I need to send money from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME]?
Do I have to pay tax on money transfers from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME]?

Sending money to the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME]

Although remittance outflows are higher than inflows to the United Kingdom, it's easy to send money to this country. If you are on the receiving end, here's what you should know about the process of collecting funds.

How do I receive money in the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME]?
What details do I need to receive money in the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME]?
Do I have to pay tax on money transfers to the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME]?

What is the fastest way to send money from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME] to the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME]?

When sending money from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME] to the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME], speed is one of the biggest factors you need to consider in terms of the service offered by different money transfer providers. Currently, [PROVIDER_FASTEST] is the fastest way to send [CURRENCY_FROM] - [CURRENCY_TO].

Using a money transfer provider is almost always the fastest way to send money from Australia to the UK - and it’s usually quickest to pay via a debit or credit card. Choosing cash collection as the delivery option since providers can make money available immediately after sending.

PayPal and other e-wallets could offer instant transfers, but money transfer providers are usually much more affordable. Banks tend to take their time with international transactions, especially when using the SWIFT system.

How long does it take to send money from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME] to the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME]?

The good news is the money you send from Australia to the UK can be available on the same day. But although that's usually the case, delivery time varies on multiple factors, such as:

  • Money transfer providers: The delivery depends on the platform, and they could also offer multiple transaction speeds, depending on the fee you are ready to pay. It's best to use to compare different solutions and find the best one

  • The amount you send: Large transactions might need to be checked by the authorities, which could take longer to complete

  • The time when you complete the transaction: Most providers work 24/7, but some will process your transaction the next morning if you send it in the middle of the night. Also, holidays and weekends or non-working days could be busy times

What's the cheapest way to send money from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME] to the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME]?

In order to avoid high fees, you should consider the cheapest way to send from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME] to the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME]. [PROVIDER_CHEAPEST] has been determined by our comparison engine to be currently offering you the cheapest rates possible.

If you want the transaction to cost as little as possible, it's all about getting the details right. For starters, use a money transfer provider to keep the transaction fees low. Banks and e-wallets like PayPal tend to be expensive.

Also, consider going with a money transfer provider that offers the best conversion rate for AUD to GBP. You want a platform that keeps its exchange rate as close to the mid-market level, which is another reason to pick money transfer providers over banks. It might be interesting to check out money transfer service comparisons to find the best transaction option, especially if you have a dilemma between some of the compared providers.

How much does it cost to send money from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME] to the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME]?

The price varies from being (almost) free to costing a fortune. Here's what will affect the total price:

  • Provider and its perks: Some providers ensure the first or several initial transfers are free of any transaction costs, making it attractive when sending one-off sums. You might encounter providers ready to offer a better rate (even the mid-market one) for the first transfer

  • Amount sent: Some providers will reward you for using their service for a large transaction and give up their fees above certain amounts transferred. Others, however, use a proportional method to charge transfers – the more you send, the higher the fee you pay on these platforms

  • Exchange rate markup: It's how much the providers earn on the conversion rate. secures a comparison of the latest rates offered by popular providers, making our tool convenient to check before sending money

What payment methods are available when sending money from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME] to the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME]

Most money transfer platforms offer multiple ways to pay for your transaction. They all have pros and cons, so here's what you need to know about each method.

Sending money from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME] to the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME] by credit card
Sending money from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME] to the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME] by debit card
Sending money from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME] to the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME] by bank transfer
Sending money from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME] to the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME] by digital wallet

What are the best apps for sending money from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME] to the [COUNTRY_TO_NAME]?

The first thing to consider is that you need an app that supports international money transfers. has an excellent comparison of services also available via mobile apps, and it's all about picking your favorite. The advantage of free Android and iOS apps is that the interface is more user-friendly, making it easier and faster to send money from mobile gadgets.

XE, Wise, and TorFX are some examples of providers to try in this department. You can find apps on their respective websites or in the app store on your device.

About Money Transfers to the UK from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME]

We’ve compared the best money transfer providers to send money from the [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME] to the UK. The cheapest provider for [CURRENCY_FROM] to [CURRENCY_TO] transfers is [PROVIDER_CHEAPEST], while the fastest is [PROVIDER_FASTEST].

💸 Number of providers5+
💰 Most transferred amount1000 [CURRENCY_TO] +
💸 Cheapest provider (on average)[PROVIDER_CHEAPEST]
⚡ ️Fastest transfer timeIn few hours with [PROVIDER_FASTEST]
💱 Currency Transfer Pair[CURRENCY_FROM] - [CURRENCY_TO]
💳 Pay-in options in [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME]Bank transfer from [COUNTRY_FROM_NAME] with [PROVIDER_PAYMENT_TYPE type="Bank Transfer"], Debit card with [PROVIDER_PAYMENT_TYPE type="Debit Card"], Credit card with [PROVIDER_PAYMENT_TYPE type="Credit Card"]
💵 Pay-out options in the UKBank account, Debit card, Cash pickup in the UK
🏆 Top 3 [CURRENCY_FROM] - [CURRENCY_TO] providers[PROVIDER_LIST ranks="1,2,3"]