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When sending money to Qatar, people usually look for the most affordable, reliable and quickest way available. Not every money transfer provider or channel out there suits your unique circumstances. However, it helps to know the different ways you can send money to Qatar, the information you need and the factors to bear in mind as you make your transfer.

Updated: 31/10/2022
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Sending Money To Qatar: Quick Summary

Fastest Transfer1-2 Hours
Minimum Fees$0
Regulated Providers6

How To Send Money To Qatar

Sending money to Qatar is simple and easy. Follow these steps to get started.

Step 1

Find a Trusted Provider

Our comparison table for sending money to internationally looks at your specific transfer needs to and from any country in the world. Use this to find a provider that provides the best all-round service for you.
Step 2

Register with your chosen provider

Most providers will be completely free to sign up to, simply requiring your name, address and contact information. In most cases, you’ll also need to upload a picture of a valid photo ID to verify your identity.
Step 3

Transfer Money

As soon as you're ready, you can start sending money online.

Ways To Send And Receive Money In Qatar

There are multiple ways to easily send and receive money in Qatar but these will largely depend on the provider you decide to use. Below you will find everything you need to know about the best ways to send money to Qatar.

Sending Money To Qatar
Receiving Money In Qatar

Ways to Send Money to Qatar

There are several channels you can opt for when sending money to Qatar. You can transfer money from your bank to the recipient’s bank, use an online money transfer service or in-person cash transfers.

Bank-to-Bank Transfers

If you are in the UK or the US, you can do a funds transfer directly into the recipient’s account in Qatar. Banks such as Doha Bank, the Commercial Bank of Qatar, and other international banks have international transfer facilities that can save you money and ensure safe and reliable transfers.

In 2011, JPMorgan Chase established their Doha branch to connect with the Middle East. Sending money through a bank with a branch or head office in Qatar saves you the inconveniences of intermediary banks that can make it expensive to send money to Qatar.

Financial institutions such as Lloyds Bank have international current accounts that enable you to hold your deposit in multiple currencies for ease of transfer to Qatar. However, the major drawback with most banks is that they charge you a higher exchange rate margin meaning lower exchange rates. Some margins can be a high as 6 or even 7%. Also, sending money through the banking system requires that you have a bank account.

Online Money Transfer Service

Companies such as XE and WorldRemit have gained popularity in the Qatar remittance corridors. XE doesn’t charge transfer fees and WorldRemit allows recipients to access transfers in cash. Wise and WorldFirst are also popular among Qatar nationals in the diaspora.

The main advantages of online money transfer services are their affordability, speed of transfer, convenience and attractive exchange rates. Opening an account with these providers takes about 5 minutes and a couple of hours or up to a day for account verification. After that, you are free to pay for your transfer using a credit card, debit card, direct bank debits(ACH) or online bank transfers.

Payout options include cash pickups and direct-to-bank accounts deposits. Cash pickups are faster. For instance, if you send 1000 GBP to Qatar through WorldRemit, the recipient gets it in minutes. However, the maximum you can send through this provider is 3,946 GBP at a fee of 19.99 GBP.

In-Person Cash Transfers

Western Union, Ria, and MoneyGram are some of the top money transfer operators that allow senders to deposit their money at any designated agent location and make their transfer. Western Union allows senders in the UK to transfer money to pickup locations in Qatar. MoneyGram works with Ooredoo QSC, a leading international communications company to help in delivering transfers to Qatar through the Ooredoo Mobile Money (OMM) app.

Ria has several pickup locations in Qatar where recipients can collect their money in cash.

What is Needed to Send Money to Qatar

To send money to Qatar, you need to sign up for a money transfer account and have it verified by the provider. Other information and documentation you will need include:

  • A government-issued photo ID
  • The name of the recipient, their address and phone number
  • The recipient’s bank details if the transfer is to a bank account
  • The transfer payout method

Most of this information is one-off. Online money transfer services allow you to make transfers from the comfort of your home hence saving you the hassle of locating and accessing agent stores.

Common Reasons for Sending Money to Qatar

No two remittances are alike. In Qatar, inflows are driven by different underlying needs among them:

Family Support

Qatari nationals living abroad send money to supported both their immediate and extended families in basic needs.

family image


Qatar has lots of investment opportunities in information technology, professional services, beauty industry, and other sectors. Inflows are often channeled towards business startups as well as financial assets investments in companies listed at the Qatar Stock Exchange.

investment image


Even with deposits rates at 2.5%, Qatar had an impressive gross domestic savings rate of 62.1% as of 2018. These savings include money sent from broad by Qataris living and working in those countries.

saving money image

Social Contributions

During festivals, transfers to Qatar increase in response to social expenses and other cash-flow needs.

charity and presents image

Why Send Money with a Money Transfer Service?

Money transfer services have proved to be efficient, cost-effective and reliable for sending money to countries around the world including Qatar. Some of the underlying  reasons for their preference include:

Speed of Transfer

Money transfer services such as Xoom, Wise and WorldRemit take anything from minutes to one or two days to deliver transfers. Compared to banks that take up to 4 days to complete transfers, money transfer services are clear winners in the speed category.

Ease of Set up

Signing up on money transfer service platforms such as Xe.com takes 5 minutes as long as you have all the information needed on hand. Some providers take a couple of hours to verify your details and others take a day. However, the process is extremely simple and one-off.

Lower Exchange Rate Margin

With an average exchange margin of 0.5-3% money transfer services give you higher exchange rates for any pair of currencies. This means that you get more Qatari riyal per unit of the host currency.

Multicurrency Support

You can send money from different countries to Qatar using money transfer services without having to incur extra costs in intermediary currency conversions. With support for up to 200 countries and territories, you don’t have to worry whether your host country is supported.

Reliability and Security

Money transfer services are highly regulated and expected to conform to strict guidelines if they are to retain their licences. They also have security features such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). These measures guarantee the safety of your data during money transfer.

Transfer Fees

The cost of making a transfer through money transfer services is a fraction of what mainstream banks charge. With as low as 4.99 USD you can make a transfer of 1000 USD to Qatar through Xoom.

Things to Consider When Sending Money to Qatar

Before you hit the ‘Send’ button on your money transfer to Qatar, think about the following factors:

  • Dense Financial Network – As of 2018, Qatar had 18 licenced banks and 20 money transfer operators. Therefore you have a wide range of choice on the channel to use. Do not restrict yourself to specific institutions some of which may even charge you more money to make your transfer.
  • Restricted Investment  – Foreign investment in the insurance and banking sector in Qatar is highly restricted. Ensure you understand the regulatory framework in these sectors before putting in your money.
  • Sanctions Against Doha – The reduced business activity experienced by Qatari banks in the recent past as a result of the strained diplomatic ties between Qatar and other gulf countries has affected the performance of the Qatari riyal.  The central bank has reassured availability of the currency but there is uncertainty around the banking sector. The best approach to take is to transfer directly in Riyal instead of letting the recipient do the exchange in Qatar.

There you have it! Sending money to Qatar shouldn’t be guesswork anymore, there are lots of avenues you can use. Ensure you do a cost comparison before you settle on any one provider.

Sending Different Amounts To Qatar

AmountBest ProviderAmount Received
$1,000XEQAR 3,608.48
$5,000XEQAR 18,042.39
$10,000XEQAR 36,237.72
$20,000XEQAR 72,475.44
$50,000XEQAR 181,316.04

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