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Sending money to Moldova is easy because you have access to a few good services if you need to send money there from other countries. While the selection of options is limited, sending money to Moldova doesn’t present any significant challenges.

Updated: 07/02/2022
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Current Exchange Rates For Moldova

The current exchange rate for the Moldovan Leu (MDL) is 18.97563 MDL per American Dollar (USD) as of the time this was written. The MDL reached a high of 18.9756 MDL per USD and a low of 18.7061 MDL per USD during the last 90 days. The average exchange rate for the last 90 days was 18.7919 MDL per USD.

The MDL had an average volatility rate of 0.27% against the USD for the last 90 days. This is a normal volatility rate, although the MDL has been fluctuating far more sporadically during the last 30 days. You can reasonably expect moderate fluctuations to continue going forward, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

What’s The Fastest Way To Send Money To Moldova?

The fastest way to send money to Moldova is through Ria Money Transfer’s fast option. With Ria Money Transfer’s fast option, your money will reach its Moldovan destination in a matter of minutes. Ria Money Transfer’s fast option also offers a well-rounded deal and costs less than most of the slower competition.

The main drawback to Ria Money Transfer is that some users complain of hassles and a platform which isn’t the easiest to use. When it comes to the fast option, you can be sure you’re getting a good deal for both speed and cost.

What’s The Cheapest Way To Send Money To Moldova?

The cheapest way to send money to Moldova is through TransferWise. The young peer-to-peer money transfer company is one of the only options on the market that doesn’t mark up currency conversion fees at all. TransferWise does charge a simple, upfront fee, but this fee is quite low when you factor in the complete lack of hidden currency conversion costs. When both of these factors are taken into consideration, TransferWise is the cheapest option.

What’s The Easiest Way To Send Money To Moldova?

The easiest way to send money to Moldova is through TransferWise. TransferWise simply makes sending money to any country easy. Their platform is very easy to use, and the process by which you send money can be broken down into simple steps:

1) Tap in the amount of money you want to send

2) Tap in the destination

3) Pay TransferWise for the transaction

4) Wait a day or two for your money to arrive at its Moldovan destination

What’s The Overall Best Way To Send Money To Moldova?

The overall best way to send money to Moldova is through TransferWise. TransferWise offers the best overall versatility and is a no-brainer for sending money to Moldova once you crunch the numbers. TransferWise is also an easier service to use, once it’s all set up, making it the overall best option for sending money to Moldova.

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