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What is an IBAN decoder?

In this guide we will walk you through what online tools can be used to identify an International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

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What is an IBAN decoder?

An IBAN decoder is an umbrella term that is given to the various online tools and resources which help customers decode, identify and validate banking information in order to find the correct International Bank Account Number needed for overseas money transfers.

IBANs consist of a two digit country code, two check numbers, a four digit bank code, a six digit bank branch code and an eight digit bank account number.

Different types of IBAN decoders

IBAN Calculator
IBAN Checker
IBAN Converter
IBAN Generator

Banks format national or local account details into a string of alphanumeric characters and IBAN calculators are used to convert this information into the International Bank Account Number needed when transferring funds to an overseas bank account.

Where can I find IBAN decoders?

Not sure where to look for the most reliable decoding tools? Check out our top picks of the 3 best money transfer providers offering free, online resources designed to solve any IBAN uncertainty.

XE IBAN Calculator

XE is generally considered the go-to powerhouse of currency conversion and accurate foreign exchange rates. In addition to the popular XE Currency Converter - found on the homepage of the website - the company also offers an easy to use IBAN calculator for anyone wanting to clarify bank details before arranging an international payment.

Wise IBAN Checker & Calculator

As one of the biggest authority figures in the remittance industry, it comes as no surprise that Wise offers customers two free IBAN tools: a calculator and a checker. These brilliant resources make it easy for you to figure out the data you need to successfully send money to your recipient in a foreign country, arranging the transfer with Wise - or whichever company you decide to choose - as soon as you have the information you need.

Currency Solutions IBAN Checker

This fantastic online tool is provided by Currency Solutions, one of the UK's finest and most reliable money transfer service providers. This invaluable tool will check the contents and format of an IBAN is correct.


We must stress the importance of double checking any data provided by the above mentioned IBAN decoder tools: you will want to make sure the format and appearance of the IBAN matches the relevant country’s structure, to ensure your hard-earned money is headed to the correct bank account. If in doubt, always reach out directly to the bank in question. See below for more of our other informative guides to sending an online money transfer.

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