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Top 35 Blogs for Remittance Advice

In this list we have picked out the very best online resources for free remittance advice; regardless of the purpose, size or destination of your transfer. We are committed to providing the most relevant and informative advice for our customers and this extends to recommendations of the best websites and blogs for money transfer research. Our key objective is to share knowledge and advice with our users; we hope the blogs included in this list prove insightful for individuals or businesses setting up global remittances.

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When in socio-economic context, the term “remittance” generally refers to the money or goods that migrants send and receive between family and friends across borders. A few months into the COVID-19 pandemic the World Bank predicted a sharp decline in global remittances to low and middle-income countries (LMIC): Europe and Central Asia were expected to experience a 27.5% drop in remittance flows due to the number of people around the world who were out of work as a result of the pandemic. Migrant workers, who have historically funded the large majority of the global remittances market, were the ones whose employment was most at risk.

However, things played out quite differently to what the World Bank had predicted. As the effects of COVID-19 swept across the planet, remittance flows reportedly fell by only 1.6 per cent, defying projected declines that anticipated the sharpest in recent history. So why was this?

Data analysts have calculated one of the key drivers for the constant flow of remittances during 2020 were migrants’ desire to help their families, by transferring funds back home, often using their savings. Other factors include the continued shift towards cashless payments, with digital money transfers accounting for a large percentage of recipient countries’ remittances.

No matter what the circumstances, the sustained demand for money transfer services only appears to be increasing, and more customers are deciding to send and receive money outside of the traditional banking systems. For this reason, we wanted to create a list of the best blogs for remittance advice, dedicated to those making regular overseas payments, as well as those new to the world of online money transfers.

The Top 35 Blogs for Remittance Advice


This London-based money transfer platform has a number of great resources available via the News and Blog section of their website. As a company, TalkRemit offers a variety of international money transfer solutions to over 50 different countries around the world. They are a fully-licensed Electronic Money Institution (EMI), regulated by the FCA, and due to their role in the market, they keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to cutting-edge alternatives to traditional bank transfers.

Save On Send

The Save On Send blog is packed full of clear and concisely categorised remittance advice. From company reviews to specific international money transfer routes, this informative website is easy to navigate and presents everything you need to know ahead of sending or receiving an overseas payment.

Xpress Money

This global money transfer company’s blog produces well-written articles covering international remittance corridors and advice on how to send money overseas in a fast and secure manner. From opinion pieces to company news, Xpress Money’s blog is a great resource, and customers can sign up to receive updates straight to their email inbox.

Western Union

Western Union, one of the world’s biggest and most trusted remittance platforms, understands the importance of keeping their community informed and engaged. On the Western Union blog content is divided into the following categories: global, money, people, regional news, COVID-19 and country news, with further subsections for each. As a long-standing authority figure in the remittances market, Western Union blog is a reliable source of information for anyone transferring money at home or abroad. Check out our company review of Western Union here.


This company strives to simplify international money transfers and one way this is achieved is through their insightful blog posts. During the COVID-19 pandemic, OrbitRemit kept their customers informed about any announcements and important updates through regular blog posts. There is a great deal of information to be found here, with posts about banking, student finance, immigration, non-profit organisations, technology and international business. Read all about OrbitRemit international transfers here.


Due to the ever-expanding reach of this UK-based money transfer platform, it’s no surprise that their blog is a hub of remittance advice. From company intel and industry insights, to guidance related to personal and business finances, this blog has it all. If you are a frequent overseas traveller or aspiring expat, Wise has created a series of travel tips which prove useful to individuals from all walks of life. Read our full review of Wise’s money transfer services here.

Ria Money Transfer

The Ria Blog includes in-depth remittance advice, tips on living abroad and personal finance guides, as well as first-person accounts from customers who have arranged cross-border payments through the company. The blog is updated every week; each article is detailed but succinct, making this a worthwhile resource for all demographics. Read our full review of the Ria Money Transfer services here.

Remittances Gateway

As the name suggests, this blog is a gateway to a diverse variety of remittance help. The content is organised by continent, with detailed information for anyone seeking advice about how to send money to Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. In addition to blog posts about the different remittance markets, this website includes links to the latest industry news as well as downloadable links to relevant studies and research related to global payments.

Ace Money Transfer

Ace is another UK-based company forging a name for themselves within the international remittance industry. In a bid to keep up with the competition this service provider has been publishing regular articles over the past 2 years, with 193 pages of content now available to read on their blog. From country-specific money transfer guides to articles about common banking queries, there is a substantial amount of useful information on Ace Money Transfer’s blog.


For many customers around the globe, WorldRemit is the go-to service provider for overseas payments. A long-standing leader in the remittance industry, WorldRemit facilitates transfers to over 150 countries, making them a fantastic option for any individual or business sending or receiving money internationally. Having established a global presence, WorldRemit strives to stay in touch with their customers from all corners of the world, and they do this by regularly updating their blog with culturally insightful posts and industry intel. Read our detailed review of WorldRemit’s international money transfer services here.

Small World

This money transfer company supports international payments to over 190 countries, attracting a diverse user base with different requirements. In order to cater to all demographics, Small World posts frequently on their blog, addressing subjects relating to education, foreign currency, regional regulations, new technology and apps. It is well worth visiting this blog for top tips and advice on a range of international remittances. We’ve written an in-depth guide about what to expect when sending your money overseas with Small World; check it out here.


This Seattle-based global remittance platform serves over 2 million customers annually, many of whom may not have sent money to or received money from overseas. With this in mind, Remitly have created an organised and frequently updated blog which covers topics from international tax regulations and banking information, to living and working abroad as an immigrant. The blog page is updated almost every day, and is a fantastic source of information for expats, foreign workers and digital nomads. Read our review of Remitly international transfers here.

Remitr Blog

This Canadian platform is committed to finding their customers the most efficient payment solutions for their remittance needs. This commitment extends to remittance advice which is posted via their blog. Posts include articles like “How to Open a Bank Account in X Country,” “Everything you need to know about EFT payments,” and “Working from home: A Guide for Small Business Owners”, as well as industry insight such as the historical background of different currencies.


Another leading service provider in the world of convenient digital money transfers is Azimo; who have achieved widespread success and popularity, especially with customers sending and receiving money between African countries. On their blog, Azimo covers all bases, publishing news, customer stories, money transfer guides; as well as advice for expats and adventurous travellers. If you want to learn more about what this international money transfer company offers, check out our review here.


PaySend is a Scottish fintech start-up specialising in international money transfers. Since their incorporation in 2017, this company has made a name for themselves as a reputable and secure transfer provider. Over on their blog is 28 pages of content, updated on a weekly basis; articles include country-specific payment guides, tips for cash transfers and expat remittance advice. You can read our full, in-depth review of the company here.


Set up in 2016, this is another remittance start-up that posts regularly on their blog as a way to advise and inform their user base. As well as general company news, SafeNetPay provides commentary and guidance about international payments, online transfer methods, security and foreign exchange.


Championing transparent and customer-centric payment solutions, XE is one of the longest standing and most reputable foreign exchange brand names, known for providing expert advice on currency exchange and global transfer experts. As a result, their blog is very popular and contains a vast amount of information, categorised into the following sections: money transfers, personal finance, living abroad, business, travel and news. We have reviewed XE’s international transfer services here.


Having ventured into 4 global markets over the last 10 years, Currencycloud is one of the fintech industry’s biggest start-up success stories. Tapping into their industry expertise and experience providing payment solutions, the Currencycloud blog is full of helpful listicles, in-depth business advice and remittance tips.

Currencies Direct

The business model of Currencies Direct is catered to the needs of private and corporate clients who are transferring large amounts of money internationally. Most of the blog posts focus on foreign exchange data and forecasts, including a weekly round-up analysis of different currency fluctuations. You can find out more about this provider by reading our review here.

Currency Solutions

In a bid to impart as much industry information and foreign exchange data as possible with their customer base, Currency Solutions’ blog is packed with currency forecasts, socioeconomic news and financial advice. As a UK-based company that predominantly supports transfers sent from the UK, US, Ireland and France, a large majority of the content on Currency Solutions’ website is centred around these 4 economies. If you want to learn more about the company’s money transfer services as a whole, check out our review here.


CurrencyFair update their blog every week with reports about the performance of the company, foreign exchange observations and helpful remittance advice. Popular blog posts include money transfer company comparisons and pension, Brexit and foreign employment guides. Read our full review of CurrencyFair.


Much of this blog’s content is angled at travel and using money overseas, ideal for immigrants, travellers, expats, foreign workers and digital nomads looking for cross-border remittance advice. Take an in-depth look at what FairFX has to offer in terms of global transfer services, in our review of the company here.

Foreign Currency Direct

There is a lot of detailed remittance advice on Foreign Currency Direct’s blog, with articles related to moving overseas, buying foreign property, foreign exchange, politics, economics and exchange rates. Find out how much overseas payments cost with Foreign Currency Direct; we’ve written a review of the company here.

Halo Financial

This UK money transfer provider offers a great deal of information through their blog series: Daily Currency Insights. Focusing primarily on the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand currency markets, these blog posts take an in-depth look at how current events, socio economic and political factors are affecting the markets. Find out more about Halo Financial’s international transfer services by reading our review of the company here.


Based in Singapore, InstaREM facilitates global payments to over 55 countries, with a strong presence across Asia-Pacific countries. As the company name would suggest, InstaREM is known for its instant transfer services and therefore many of the articles posted on their blog focus on the various ways users can guarantee speedy cross-border transactions; from setting up an online transfer to paying international suppliers on time. You can check out our review of this company here.

Kabayan Remit

This company’s blog is packed with remittance advice for every kind of customer: students, working professionals, pensioners, expats, immigrants and business owners, to name a few. Helpfully split into the following sections: Community, Finance, Lifestyle, News and Travel, Kabayan Remit’s blog has insightful guidance for every kind of user. Read our review of the company here.


One of the top rated money transfer companies in the industry, OFX is a reliable and fair priced option for anyone making overseas payments. The company frequently posts helpful remittance advice on their blog, with articles about a global lifestyle, studying and investing overseas, as well as forecasts about the future of international currency and global economic trends. Read our OFX review here.


This Nigerian service provider offers mobile money payment solutions for a customer base of more than 15 million people, predominantly facilitating transfers to and from customers in African countries. Hosted by online publishing platform Medium, the MyPaga blog focuses on news and current affairs coming out of Nigeria, as well as money transfer guides for customers sending and receiving money between Africa and the UK, Asia, Europe and North America. Find out more about the company in our full review here.


As pioneers of digital payment solutions for corporate clients, Payoneer is keen to keep their customer base of business owners and freelance professionals well informed by providing up to date remittance advice. The Payoneer blog includes industry tips, eCommerce and working capital news, as well as a separate Enterprise Hub dedicated to sharing insightful tips and tricks for entrepreneurs. Read our detailed review of the company here.


Over the course of nearly two decades, TorFX has grown into one of the top rated money transfer companies. This is in part due to the fact they do not charge fixed transfer fees and implement a fair exchange rate spread when converting currency for international payments. TorFX approaches blogging in a personalised manner, eager to provide suitable advice to all customers. Company news and achievements, currency forecasts and data, and financial advice is all covered by the articles on this website.


This award-winning company facilitates international money transfers all over the world and caters to a multitude of European customers, their services available in Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, German, English, Ukrainian, or Turkish. For this reason, it is no surprise that TransferGo’s blog covers European travel guides, business news, migrant life and COVID-19 updates. All information is well-written and content is clearly categorised for easy navigation. You can learn more about TransferGo in our review here.


The Irish money transfer provider that has revolutionised the way businesses are paying their workers as well as how they are getting paid. It is no surprise, then, that the majority of the remittance advice posted on the TransferMate blog focuses on business practices, payroll and B2B payment advice. We’ve reviewed the company in full, to save you the research, check it out here.


Based in London, this remittance advice covered by this blog focuses on news from around the UK and Europe, such as currency fluctuations, political and economic updates and international trading. Other articles include series such as Selling Online and Your Money, all about global banking, eCommerce and online payment solutions. Find out more about how this company can help you move money overseas, in our review of WorldFirst here.


The business model of this fintech start-up is to build fair and honest products that improve financial inclusion. One of Stilt’s key demographics are immigrants and most of the popular posts on their blog provide US immigration updates, as well as credit card and remittance advice for any customers sending money home from the US.


The Rewire community is made up of foreign workers and international professionals managing cross-border finances and transactions. The blog page includes tips and tricks for arranging money transfers between popular remittance-receiving countries, advice for job-hunting overseas and guides for digital payment solutions.

Choosing the top 35 blogs for remittance advice

In order to guarantee the most accurate and up to date remittance information is being shared with our customer base each blog had to meet the following criteria:

Relevance: We wanted to ensure every blog included all the relevant advice and guidance our users may need when arranging some kind of global payment or domestic transfer. We paid special attention to the topics and categories covered by each blog, ensuring they were relevant to the needs of our customers.

Frequency: Each blog listed here is regularly updated, in some cases on a daily basis, meaning all the latest news and advice is readily available and easily accessible.

Layout: Although the content had to be relevant, frequently updated and well-written, it was also important for us to select only the best laid out blogs for remittance advice. Nobody likes wasting time skimming through inordinate amounts of information to get to the content that is useful to them. Each of these 35 blogs employed clean and straightforward navigation for ease of use.

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