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Botswana is far from being the easiest country to send money to. This is primarily due to a terribly small list of options when compared to other countries. Given that, we do have some options that will make your life much easier sending money Botswana.

Updated: 07/02/2022
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Current Exchange Rates For Botswana

The current exchange rate for the Botswana Pula (BWP) is 12.857367 BWP per American Dollar (USD) as of the time this was written. The BWP reached a high of 12.8694 BWP per USD and a low of 12.6898 BWP per USD during the last 90 days. The 90-day average currency exchange rate was 12.8013 BWP per USD.

The BWP had an average volatility rate of 0.36% against the USD for the last 90 days. This is a moderate volatility rate, and the BWP has been more stable in recent weeks. Going forward, you can reasonably expect moderate fluctuations to continue, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

What’s The Fastest Way To Send Money To Botswana?

The fastest way to send money to Botswana is through WorldRemit. WorldRemit isn’t the most predictable service when it comes to waiting times. That being said, you can usually expect your money to make it to Botswana in a matter of minutes, or in a matter of a few hours. Transfer times of more than two days are unusual, although some users complain that they do happen.

WorldRemit is a generally well-rounded service for transferring money. The company is one of the most ubiquitous in the world, and their rates and waiting times are generally quite reasonable. In the case of Botswana, WorldRemit offers one of the best deals.

What’s The Cheapest Way To Send Money To Botswana?

The cheapest way to send money to Botswana is through a bank transfer. The cost will depend on the two banks and any third parties involved. We would recommend that you use TransferWise on your end for the sake of simplicity and a lack of hidden currency conversion fees. Once your account is set up and attached vis-à-vis SWIFT/BIC to the recipient’s Botswana bank account, sending money is cheap and simple.

Another option that is cheap and oftentimes easier in Botswana would be a mobile money transfer. Services like Payoneer can transfer money to a phone/ mobile bank account, and money can be withdrawn fairly easily this way.

What’s The Easiest Way To Send Money To Botswana?

The easiest way to send money to Botswana is through WorldRemit. WorldRemit offers several options for sending money, and you can choose to set up your account in a way that best suits you and the recipient.

What’s The Overall Best Way To Send Money To Botswana?

The overall best way to send money to Botswana is through WorldRemit. WorldRemit is the most accessible major money transfer service in the world, and it offers you fair rates and plenty of freedom. The company’s transfer/waiting times are usually quite fast as well, making WorldRemit the best-rounded option for sending money to Botswana.

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