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International Transfers Over $10,000

This Wire Transfer guide is designed to offer assistance to readers who may be struggling to find a suitable provider for their larger remittance needs of $10,000 or more. Whether you are sending this amount for personal or business reasons, this guide will help you minimize fees, save time and find a safe and secure service for your next transfer.

Updated: 20/09/2022
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International money transfer services

The number of international money transfer service providers which support global remittances is vast and continues to grow at a rapid speed. Unfortunately, not all of them offer the most cost-effective deals when it comes to sending large sums of money – $10,000 or more – abroad.

Percentage-based fees can become a big problem for customers sending over $10,000 because the associated fees increase alongside the value of the transfer and are likely to amount to a large sum. 

Additional obstacles include restricted global coverage – certain companies are only able to cater to certain countries – or maximum transfer limits below the $10,000 threshold. 

In this guide, we will help you choose the best money transfer company for sending over $10,000 so that the negatives mentioned above do not interfere with your money sending requirements. 

How to choose the best company for a transfer of $10,000 or more

Choosing the best money transfer company is not an easy task because there are multiple factors to consider. Please take the time to read the following list of noteworthy factors to help you decide on a money transfer specialist that offers the terms you want. 

Mobile app

Selecting a money transfer operator that offers a mobile app with an intuitive user interface is a big advantage. It allows you to send money while traveling and away from your desktop. Also, you may find that the process of sending money from your mobile is faster than using a desktop. Check to see if a money transfer company allows you to send money by checking the app’s profile app on your preferred online app marketplace. 

We recommend that you spend time looking at customer reviews of the mobile app you want to download. This will help you spot the money transfer services with the best app in the industry. The minimum score you should consider is 4.0 out of 5 since this indicates a competitive app. When the majority of user reviews are negative it points to poorly designed features or glitches. 

Exchange rates and fees

For bigger transfers, it is a good idea to look for a fixed fee structure because you will be charged the same regardless of the transfer size. Whereas percentage-based fee structures can result in massive charges when executing large transfers. 

For instance, if you send $10,000 with a 3% percentage-based fee, then you will be charged $300. However, if you find services with a fixed fee of $25, then you will save $275, which is significant. 

Understanding the mid-market rate is also important to avoid paying poor exchange rates when using currency exchange services. Xe and Wise are transparent money transfer services that match the mid-market rates. It means you are getting competitive currency exchange rates that are not beaten elsewhere. 

Transfer limits

Reviewing the transfer limits is an important step if you want to send more than $10,000. Also, note the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly transfer limits since they can hinder usage in different ways. For instance, the daily limit might be $20,000, which would not be a problem if you want to send $10,000. However, if the monthly limit is $50,000, then you may run into limitations depending on your requirements. You will need to wait for the monthly cap to lift before you can send money again. 

International money transfer customers who wish to send multiples of $10,000 repeatedly may want to find a large transfer limit service. 


Do not choose a money transfer service before you spend time investigating their reputation. Background research that takes just a few minutes can uncover potential problems and poor-quality companies. 

Trustpilot is a good place to start looking because most companies have a profile and you quickly see customer reviews. Make sure to have a balanced overview of a company by looking at the number of negative and positive reviews. Do not pay too much attention to a single customer since it will skew your impression. 

Worldwide coverage

Customers that wish to send $10,000+ internationally need to examine the worldwide coverage of the company. Some companies limit their available destinations to just a few countries or domestic transactions only. You have several options for money transfer companies that offer excellent worldwide coverage, which include TorFXInstaremKey CurrencyCurrencies DirectWorldRemitWiseXE and Currencyfair.

Do not forget to check the limitations of a specific destination. For example, a service that claims to have no transfer limits may come with an asterisk attached. Specific countries could have low transfer caps, which would not allow you to send over $10,000. 

How to reduce fees for transfers over $10,000

Sending over $10,000 internationally can result in high fees if you do not select the right money transfer company. Find a company that will cap the fee at a specific amount regardless of the transfer size. A fixed fee of around $10-$30 is a reasonable fee to pay when sending over $10,000. Percentage-based fee structures are what you want to avoid for large transfers since they will result in big charges for large transfers.  

Payment method is another important consideration for reducing fees. Try to avoid using credit or debit cards as the payment method because they charge around 1.5%-3% of the transaction amount. Balance transfers are one of the best methods for sending over $10,000. That is because they offer transparent fees, and in many circumstances, will not charge a fee. For example, Wise offers free balance transfers, which is perfect for sending large sums of money internationally. 

Poor currency exchange rates can also result in significant losses during an international money transfer. Ideally, you should look for a service that matches the mid-market rate. This is the best possible exchange rate and it means the money transfer service is not profiting from the currency exchange. 

The best companies for international transfers over $10,000

We understand that it can take a long time to select the best money transfer service for your needs. Therefore, we have narrowed down the list to the best 3 international money transfer services for sending over $10,000. 

1. Xe

Xe is an excellent choice for international transfers because it has multi-lingual support and has a global network of 170 countries. Furthermore, they offer the mid-market rate and a transfer cap of $500,000, which is ideal when sending over $10,000. Xe claims to generate 280 million visitors to their website each year, which should give you an indication of their popularity. Their TrustPilot score is 4.4 out of 5, so you can trust them for a functional and safe money transfer service. 

2. Instarem

Instarem also matches the mid-market rate, which means they do not profit from currency conversions. Further to that, the fees are 0.25-1% so overall the cost of sending money with Instarem is low. The company has a global coverage of 150 countries, so there is a lot of flexibility for customers that want to send money worldwide. However, you need to note the transfer limit of each country individually since some of them may not allow transfers of $10,000+. 

3. Wise

Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, is one of the top international money transfer services. They are ideal for transfers over $10,000 because they match the mid-market rate and offer free balance transfers. Also, multiple payments and transfer options are offered that have transparent fees. This means you will not be surprised by unexpected fees once the transfer has been initiated. 


There are many ways to execute international money transfers of $10,000 or more while enjoying low fees and not paying excessive currency exchange markups, and we hope this guide has shed light on the various reputable options. It is important to be aware of the most noteworthy factors contributing to the overall value of a cross-border transaction: to learn more about this subject check out our other guides; International Money Transfer Limits and Transferring Large Amounts Abroad

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International Transfers Over $10,000
This Wire Transfer guide is designed to offer assistance to readers who may be struggling to find a suitable provider for their larger remittance needs of $10,000 or more. Whether you are sending this amount for personal or business reasons, this guide will help you minimize fees, save time and find a safe and secure service for your next transfer.
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