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Zimbabwe is not an easy, hassle-free country to send money to. On the good side, the Zimbabwean Dollar is pegged to the American Dollar, which helps keep the exchange simple. On the other side, Zimbabwe doesn’t have access to most of the better money transfer services out there.

Updated: 07/02/2022
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Current Exchange Rates For Zimbabwe

The current Zimbabwean Dollar (ZWD) is a unique currency that is pegged to the American Dollar (USD). One USD is always equal to ZWD. If you have any worries or reservations about international currency exchange rates, it would be best to use the American Dollar as your point of reference.

What’s The Fastest Way To Transfer Money To Zimbabwe?

The fastest way to send funds to Zimbabwe is through Western Union. The speed, however, will rely on several other factors, such as the country you are sending money from. If you have access to Western Union, make sure to pay for their fast service. If you do pay for faster service, you can still expect to have to wait longer for your money to reach its Zimbabwean destination. The money you send through Western Union will have to go through EcoCash as well, which may slow things down further.

What’s The Cheapest Way To Send Funds To Zimbabwe?

The cheapest way to transfer money online to Zimbabwe is through OFX. OFX offers the lowest rates available to customers in the countries where they are currently active. OFX charges you on a sliding scale, and the more money you send them, the less money you pay. It should be noted that OFX carries a minimum transaction volume requirement.

If you can’t abide by OFX’s minimum transfer amount, the next best option is sending with MoneyGram. Note that if you send money online to Zimbabwe with MoneyGram, the recipient will pick up the money through EcoCash.

What’s The Easiest Way To Send Money To Zimbabwe?

The easiest way to send funds to Zimbabwe is through WorldRemit. WorldRemit gives you simple options when it comes to sending funds to Zimbabwe. The only catch is that your money will also have to go through EcoCash, which negates much of the simplicity of just using WorldRemit. Regardless, WorldRemit offers you the simplest bridge to EcoCash, making it the easiest way to transfer money online to Zimbabwe.

The overall best way to send funds to Zimbabwe is through OFX. OFX offers the best currency conversion rates that you can find and is a fairly simple process to use. Wait times are generally not too bad with OFX, but be aware that EcoCash is present for the middle of the delivery process.

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