Find & Compare The Best Ways To Send Money To Indonesia

Sending money to Indonesia is easy, and there are plenty of great options available to you from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for speed, ease of use, low cost, or just general efficiency. There are plenty of options for money transfers to Indonesia which should meet your money transfer needs.

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Current Exchange Rates For Indonesia

The current exchange rate for the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is 14,228.0000 IDR per American Dollar (USD), as of the time this was written. The IDR reached a high of 14,354.0000 IDR per USD, and a low of 13,920.0000 IDR per USD during the last 90 days. The average exchange rate for the IDR was 14,161.5143 IDR per USD during the last 90 days.

The average volatility of the IDR against the USD was 0.32% over the last 90 days. This is a fairly high volatility rate, and the IDR has fluctuated significantly over the course of the last year. You can reasonably expect somewhat serious fluctuations to continue going forward, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

What’s The Fastest Way To Send Money Online To Indonesia?

The fastest way to send cash online to Indonesia is through Ria Money Transfer’s fast service. Ria Money Transfer is the cheapest reasonable option you have if speed is your first concern. With Ria Money Transfer’s fast option, you can expect your money to reach its Indonesian destination in a matter of minutes. Ria money transfer also offers a great deal financially, especially given its speed.

What’s The Cheapest Way To Transfer Money To Indonesia?

The cheapest way to transfer cash online to Indonesia is through OFX. OFX does not charge any stated fees, and their hidden currency conversion costs are also quite low when compared to other options available to you.

Remember, with OFX, you must send a minimum amount of money with each transaction. If you want to save as much money as possible, you have to send more money at once. OFX has conversion rates that start around 1% if you’re sending their minimum requirements. From here, the more money you send at once, the closer you get to their lower 0.4% rates.

If you would prefer to send smaller amounts of money, then TransferWise is in a close second place.

What’s The Easiest Way To Send Money Online To Indonesia?

The easiest way to send funds to Indonesia is through TransferWise. With TransferWise, you only need to take a few quick steps to send money. First, you just tap the amount of money that you need to send and the destination. After that, you just pay TransferWise, and they will send your money to its Indonesian destination. The transfer is completed in one or two days

What’s The Overall Best Way To Send Money To Indonesia?

The overall best way to send money online to Indonesia is through TransferWise. TransferWise offers the best overall versatility, and it’s a no-brainer for Indonesia, once you crunch the numbers. TransferWise is also an easier service to use, once it’s all set up, making it the overall best option for sending money online.

TransferWise is also great for sending funds to your friends and family in Ireland, Italy and Egypt.