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Suits Me Review

Suits Me is a simple modern banking solution that tries to offer something different than traditional banks. The debit card provided to customers is the main service combined with exclusive cashbacks. It’s an e-money product so the Financial Conduct Authority regulates the company, but it’s not covered by the Financial Services Compensation scheme.

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About Suits Me

In March of 2020, the company received the 'Highly commended Best Newcomer' by the British Banking Awards. The company statement is to provide a transparent and fair service for a diverse customer base that’s underbanked.

Can I use Suits Me for international bank transfers?

Suits Me offers the functionality to send and receive money internationally. To send money you will the need the account number, sort code and bank address of the receiver. It’s possible to send money using the desktop or mobile app. Once a transfer is completed the recipient details are saved. It means next time you don’t have to enter the details again.

How long do transfers take with Suits Me?

The transfer time for international transactions is 5-7 working days, but it does depend on bank you’re sending the money to. Transfers within the UK can be instant or take up to 3 hours in most cases.

Are there transfer limits?

The maximum you can receive or send using your Suits Me card is 10,000GBP. It’s also the maximum account balance on the Premium and Premium Plus accounts. With incoming international transfers the limit is lower at 7,500GBP.

Can I use a Suits Me debit card when traveling abroad?

You can use the Suits Me debit card in other countries, but you need to be aware of the additional charges. For example, there might be a fee for ATM withdrawals charged by the operators. Since Suits Me offers a VISA card, it’s possible to use it 24 million places around the world. You can see an overview of the costs of using the Suits Me debit card on this page.

Suits Me Bank Exchange rates and fees

Exchange Rate: exchange rates differ during the day so you need to see the rate before confirming a transaction. The rate will also depend on the amount that you want to send since they use FX brokers.

Transfer fees: there are no costs for sending money from one Suits Me account holder to another. However, when sending or receiving money internationally you’ll need to pay a fee. It is higher than what you will get charged by 3rd party alternatives like Western Union.

Additional fees: there is a fee for ordering the debit card and using it for withdrawals within the UK and abroad. There is a flat fee and percentage of the transaction amount. The fee depends on if you have a Premium or Premium Plus account.

Also, there is a fee if you want to complete cash top-ups. For Premium account holders it is 0.99GBP and 2.6%. Finally, the monthly subscription charge for Premium accounts is 4.97GBP and 9.97GBP for Premium Plus accounts.

How do Suits Me transfer fees compare to using a money transfer provider?

The cost of using Suits Me bank transfer is significantly higher than money transfer services. The savings are big when using services such as PaySend and CurrencyFair. Also, the transfer speeds are faster so there is no need to wait multiple days for the funds to arrive.

Suits Me pros and cons

Please view our pros and cons to decide if Suits Me is the choice for you:


Quick account creation: it takes just a few minutes to open an account. There are no credit checks and the process is simple.
Cashback: earn cashback from selected supermarkets, restaurants and retailers.
Customer support: the customer service team offer several languages and you can use email, live chat, Facebook chat and phone.
Savings: the envelope features enables you to put money aside for a rainy day.


No branches: the lack of physical branches means customers can’t walk to a location.
Expensive international transfer: the costs of sending and receiving money internationally are high.
Basic functionality: there is a lack of added features like savings accounts, loans and overdrafts.

Suits Me additional products

  • Mobile app: you can do all of your banking from the app. It has a clean user-interface and available on the Android and iOS platforms.

  • Envelopes: the envelope features allow users to set money to one side. It’s a good money management tool and an alternative to savings accounts.

  • Cashback: the cashback feature means you get a portion of the purchase back for future use. You can view the selected retailers on this page.


Suits Me is an easy to use service for those that want a debit card in the UK or when traveling abroad. It costs just a few minutes to sign up and there is a rewards system on selected retailers.

However, the international transfer time is 5-7 days, which is far too long. You can cut down on this transfer time by using alternatives such as Skrill and Western Union. Also, the transaction fees are much lower allowing you to save money.

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