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Top 20 Charities in Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and receives a considerable amount of aid due to the significant inequality of wealth. Charities and non-profit organisations play an integral role for supporting underserved members of society in any country. We asked our users to nominate the best charities in Nigeria, and from these we chose the biggest support systems within the nonprofit sector to receive our Top 20 Charities in Nigeria badge. The following organisations are making a hugely significant contribution to the wellbeing of this West African country. If you are also looking to send money to Nigeria, our guide will help you to get all the details you need to make your transfer a breeze.

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In Nigeria, nearly 11 million children across the country do not attend school, despite primary education being compulsory and free of charge. The North-eastern regions of Nigeria are worst off due to the effects of conflict. In this part of the country thousands of schools have been forced to close, damaged beyond repair or destroyed.

A number of fantastic charities have been established in response to the problematic state of Nigeria’s suffering education systems.

Women’s Technology Empowerment Center | (W.TEC)

As one of the leading authorities addressing gender and technology, W.TEC have been working towards establishing gender equality in the technology industry. The charity focuses on nurturing the next generation of female technology creators, entrepreneurs and leaders. The young women engage in technology-based projects which involve public speaking, media interviews, mentoring, presentations and work placements. Through their work across 13 states, W.TEC has provided invaluable information and communication technology training to nearly 32,000 young Nigeria women and girls.

Education as a Vaccine | (EVA)

The primary objective of this charity is to present opportunities which enable young Nigerians to become the best they can be. Founded in 2000 by two Nigerian women, EVA is one of the longest reigning and most impactful education charities in the country. The organisation has worked with over 720,000 individuals, raising awareness and providing training on an array of subjects such as reproductive health, violence against women, and HIV and AIDS. In a bid to enact social change, EVA strives to pass on lifesaving information regarding the health and protection of young people, so the future generations can benefit from a better quality of life.

Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative | (YEDI)

The education programme delivered by YEDI is designed to help young people make better, well-informed life choices. Working with adolescents in both a school setting and community outreach setting, YEDI runs activity based lessons to equip young people with various life skills related to negotiation and leadership, building interpersonal relationships and economic management. With over 10 years experience, these lessons have been proven to educate young people on pressing issues relating to gender inequality, substance abuse, sexual and reproductive health, personal hygiene, HIV, AIDs and Malaria.

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation | (NEEDCSI)

Based in Jos, Central Nigeria, this educational charity is supported by the United Nations Economic and Social Council and strives to transform the lives of young men and women who have had a difficult start to life. Many of the young people served by NEEDCSI have been exposed to problematic situations, whether it be a dysfunctional family or drug-influenced background, and require a helping hand. NEEDCSI is devoted in their mission to transform lives and develop self sufficient individuals with excellent communication and problem solving skills.

Ovie Brume Foundation | (

The Ovie Brume Foundation caters to the needs of underserved communities, working closely with children from low income homes. The organisation achieves this by providing free education programmes and recreational activities. This Nigerian charity has made a huge difference since they set up in 2003; creating positive and safe environments at their Lagos Youth Centre, summer camp and other various placements and events.

Christopher Kolade Foundation | (CKF)

Founded in 1997, the Christopher Kolade Foundation focuses on educating young women and girls by improving knowledge in the areas of agriculture, engineering, maths, music, science and technology. From in-school clubs to annual science and technology fairs, CKF organises relatable, interactive and fun learning environments where girls are able to reach their full potential.

Keeping It Real Foundation | (KIR)

“Inspiring change through learning” is the adage of the Keeping It Real Foundation, an NGO which serves vulnerable children, youth, women, local communities, the disabled and the incarcerated. They achieve this by supporting and facilitating universities, schools, orphanages, book clubs, juvenile correctional centres and prisons. Education, Advocacy, Capacity and Sustainability Development are the 4 main pillars of the KIR Foundation and they have been fine tuning these areas of operation since their inception in 2011.

Preventing child abuse

Looking out for the wellbeing of the younger generation is a noble responsibility and a worthy cause. These charities work towards protecting children in Nigeria from becoming victims of violence, sexual abuse or child marriage. With the highest number of child brides in Africa, there are many heinous forms of child abuse which are prevalent among Nigerian communities. It is these sorts of environments which require intervention from charities like the ones listed below.

Land of Hope | (

One of the biggest driving forces behind child abuse in Nigeria are community beliefs in witchcraft. These beliefs often result in children being accused of being witches, an allegation punishable by social exclusion, torture and in some cases, death. Land of Hope steps in to prevent vulnerable children falling victim to these superstitions, and has been doing so since 2012. During this time, the organisation has saved more than 70 children from abandonment due to fears of witchcraft. Through education and information, Land of Hope strives to prevent any child suffering from adult superstition in the future.

The Cece Yara Foundation | (

The important work carried out by The Cece Yara Foundation centres around the prevention of sexual abuse. The charity is driven by a belief that every child in Nigeria should have a safe and happy childhood, free from the threat of violence and abuse. Running for just over 5 years, this non-profit offers a 24-hour free child telephone helpline and a multidisciplinary team of counsellors, social workers, child advocates and lawyers. The services provided by The Cece Yara Foundation range from counselling and support services, preventative education and awareness programs and shelter for those in need.


Cancer is an epidemic that plagues the whole world and Nigeria is no exception. However, unlike many parts of the world, a substantial percentage of cancer patients in Nigeria do not receive life-saving treatment. Religion takes precedence over Western medicine and most of the Nigerian population prefer to seek help from places of worship rather than hospitals. Organisations to support the treatment of various cancers have been set up to address the stigmas and provide the necessary support services.

Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria | (BRECAN)

Nigeria’s most prominent form of the disease is breast cancer, which affects approximately 38% of female cancer patients in the country. BRECAN was set up to advocate for those suffering with breast cancer, helping women who may have otherwise succumbed to the disease due to lack of information or support. The organisation was founded by breast cancer survivor Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, in 1997, who set up BRECAN after witnessing the indifference surrounding the disease. Group outreach services such as workshops and conferences work to build support for women who feel isolated and unable to access crucial information.

St Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation | (

Simply put, the St Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation has a vision: “improve the delivery of cancer treatments in Nigeria”. Board Members include medical, clinical and legal professionals dedicated to developing treatment facilities and quality holistic care for underserved Nigerian patients suffering with the disease. The non-profit organisation hone in on 6 key areas: Awareness, Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment, Research and Living Beyond Cancer. By promoting worthy cancer prevention and public health information, St Cyril’s is changing the face of cancer treatment in Nigeria.

Water supply

According to WaterAid, 1 in every 3 people don’t have access to clean water in Nigeria. Not only does this mean a lack of available drinking water, it also results in a lack of clean toilets and inability to practice basic hygiene. Nigerian non-profit organisations plan to put an end to widespread use of contaminated drinking water and poor sanitary conditions.

Taste | (

“Life changing water” is the slogan for Taste, a registered charity since 1999, who have been advocating for the introduction of sustainable technology to improve Nigerian water supplies. Community outreach conducted by the charity includes delivery of clean water, teaching children about the importance of basic hygiene and surveying potential new water locations. A reported 23.5% of Nigeria’s population admit to defecating in the open, which has a hazardous knock on effect resulting in diarrhoea and enteric diseases. Taste is working tirelessly to eliminate the consumption of this unsafe water by building boreholes for clean drinking water.

Hope Spring | (

The aptly named Hope Spring non-profit understands that safe, clean water transforms lives for people across Nigeria. In more remote areas people are forced to trek for miles to access clean watering holes, a treacherous job which takes its toll on the women and children who are typically required to take on this responsibility. After setting up in 2015, this Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) charity aims to alleviate poverty, along with the sanitation and hygiene challenges associated with lack of access to clean water.


There are over 206 million people in Nigeria and the country struggles to provide quality healthcare for the entire population. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have had a detrimental impact on public health services of all kinds across the nation, but there are a number of charities on hand to help struggling healthcare providers.

She Writes Woman | (

An organisation working to eradicate the stigmatised and misinformed perception of mental health challenges that face Nigerians; women in particular. In a bid to reclaim the narrative surrounding mental health problems - “a taboo, a penance for evil, a weakness and something that must be cast away” - She Writes Woman was set up in 2016 by Hauwa Ojeifo. After struggling with her own mental health, Hauwa has created a safe space for other women to open up, normalising the conversation and supporting those who need it.

The Irede Foundation | (

Formed in 2012, The Irede Foundation is devoted to supporting young victims of congenital and acquired limb loss - and their caregivers - as they navigate the road ahead of them. Born out of the personal experiences of two parents as they sought to provide the best possible outcome for their own child, following the difficult decision to undergo an amputation. The organisation is invested in ensuring all children have access to equal opportunities by supporting families as they overcome obstacles together.

Dental Care Foundation | (

Over the last three years, this non profit has been working towards their goal of providing free oral health care for all orphans, children and adults in need. Predominantly working in more rural and remote areas, Dental Care Foundation addresses the major public health concern related to dangerous oral diseases in Nigeria. Through their work, the DCF are able to deliver urgent dental aid, tooth brushing programs, examinations and checkups, while raising awareness of oral hygiene.


Women in Nigeria face problematic patriarchal practices on a daily basis, and in some cases traditional or social norms result in violent or abusive situations. There are charities working tirelessly to reduce the number of vulnerable women falling victim to common discriminatory practices employed across the nation.

The GEANCO Foundation | (GEANCO)

This organisation strives to help vulnerable pregnant women give birth safely, while also working with young female victims of terrorism and gender equality. Thanks to the support of high profile British actor David Oyelowo, and other celebrity supporters, GEANCO are able to continue to provide full tuition, medical care and professional psychological support to women all over Nigeria. The important work achieved by this charity spans over 15 years, and is overseen by the Onyema family, each of whom lend an initial to the GEANCO name: Godwin, Ebele, Afam, Nche & Nma and Chukwugozie.

Girls’ Power Initiative | (GPI)

This youth development organisation describe themselves as a “feminist” charity, who intervene in the socialisation of young women and girls. Founded in 1993, the organisation is invested in assisting young girls as they overcome exposure to early sexual activities, gender discrimination, sexually transmissible infections including HIV/AIDS, unsafe abortion, all forms of sexual abuse, harassment and exploitation.

Community help

While all charities benefit communities of some sort, the next group of non-profit organisations work closely with Nigerian people to invoke tangible social change.

New Nigeria Foundation | (NNF)

The New Nigeria Foundation was incorporated in November 2000 in partnership with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission. The charity runs several social and economic programmes aimed at developing sustainable community initiatives through public-private partnerships. By assessing the socio-economic needs of people from different backgrounds, New Nigeria Foundation’s work has positively impacted many communities across Nigeria.

Olive Community Development Initiative | (OCDI)

A non-governmental, non-religious and non-political organisation based in Kwara State, this Nigerian charity specialising in social services including counseling, psychosocial support, and skill acquisition for women, girls and youths. Established in 2006, OCDI focuses on community health initiatives, reducing poverty, improving education quality and environmental awareness. As agents of positive change, OCDI continues to provide outreach services for hundreds of young people in Nigeria each year.

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Choosing the best charities in Nigeria

Each charity or non-profit organisation featured in this list has been awarded the Top 20 Charities in Nigeria Badge. This form of recognition is awarded to Nigerian organisations making a huge difference to people in need of different services and support.

To give you an insight into how we picked the charities on this list, we considered the following criteria:

  • Local impact

  • Philanthropic responsibility

  • Making a difference supports the important responsibilities taken on by the organisations listed in this article, and we encourage our readers to check out the fantastic work being accomplished by the Top 20 Charities in Nigeria.

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